Season 6 Episode 10 The Package

03/29/10 Season 6 TV-14 V

On the island: Locke's camp:
- Jin decides to leave Locke's camp but is abducted before he can go
- Claire asks Locke if her name was on the cave wall; he says no
- Kate's name wasn't on the cave wall either; and once Kate helps Locke get the last three candidates on the plane... whatever happens to Kate happens
- Locke goes to Hydra island and confronts Widmore
- Jin is held in room 23 and asked about old Dharma maps with grid searches indicating where pockets of electromagnetic energy are located
- Sayid spies on the submarine for Locke and discovers that Desmond Hume is Widmore's secret package

On the island: beach camp:
- Sun is confronted by Locke; scared, she runs off into the jungle, hitting her head on a tree branch and knocking herself unconscious
- Sun wakes up and can't speak English anymore
- Alpert and Hurley return; Alpert wants to go to Hydra island to destroy the Ajira plane so Locke can't leave
- Sun refuses to go with them; she doesn't want to destroy their only way off the island
- Jack persuades Sun to trust him; he'll help her find Jin, get them on the plane and off the island

Flash sideways:
- Sun and Jin are released from customs
- They check into a hotel but in separate rooms -- they aren't married
- Jin sneaks into Sun's room one night and they sleep together
- Sun suggests they run away, but Jin says it's forbidden
- Keamy and Omar show up; Jin missed the appointment at the restaurant, and Keamy is there for the watch and the money
- Sun goes to her bank to get the money for Keamy, but she discovers her father emptied her account
- Jin is taken to the restaurant; Keamy explains the money is his fee for killing Jin; Sun's father was very unhappy when he discovered they were sleeping together
- Sayid kills Keamy and Omar; he frees Jin
- Sun and Mikhail return; Jin and Mikhail have a gun fight; Jin shoots Mikhail in the eye; Mikhail shoots Sun
- Sun reveals to Jin that she's pregnant

Someone is spying on Locke's camp at night. They watch as Locke tells Jin to leave the bandage off his leg, the air will do it some good. Jin asks about the candidate names on the cave wall. Does "Kwon" mean him or Sun? Locke's not sure, but he does know the only way they can leave the island is if all the names that haven't been crossed off go together. Jin says Sun isn't with them. Locke knows and he is working on it.

WHOOOSH to customs at LAX. Jin and Sun are finally released, but Jin is not allowed to take the money. It's confiscated, and Jin will have to fill out paperwork to get it back. Jin looks at his watch -- they've missed the restaurant meeting. Sun asks what the money was for, and Jin says he doesn't know. Her father gave him the money before they left to deliver with the watch. At the hotel during check-in, the clerk mistakes them for a married couple and checks them into one room. Jin holds up his hand -- no wedding ring. They're not married. The clerk apologizes and finds two separate reservations, one for Paik and one for Kwon.

WHOOSH to Locke's camp. Locke tells Sayid he's leaving for a little while to run an errand. He wants Sayid to keep an eye on the camp. Jin criticizes Sawyer for listening to that "thing" and decides he's leaving to find his wife. First he'll try the Temple, then maybe the beach -- but then Jin is shot with a tranquilizer dart. He falls unconscious as everyone else is shot, too. It's chaos with people screaming and running for the tree line. Everyone goes down as Zoe, Seamus and their group step out of the jungle wearing night vision goggles. Seamus finds Jin and asks if he's the guy. Zoe says yes, take him.

The next morning at the beach camp, Jack and Sun inspect her garden. It's a mess, and Sun begins weeding. Jack asks Sun if she thinks Alpert's coming back, but Sun doesn't care. He asks her about being a candidate, and again Sun doesn't care. Jack tries to tell her there's a reason they came back -- but Sun just wants Jack to leave her alone.

WHOOOSH to Sun's hotel room in Los Angeles. Jin knocks and tells her he's going to the restaurant. Sun tells him it's late, no one is going to be there. She invites him inside and seductively undoes her top button. She mocks him, telling him that maybe he should tell her to button it like he did on the plane. Jin says it was a crowded flight. Who knows who might've been watching them. She begins to unbutton the rest of her blouse, and they embrace. They may not be married, but they are together, in love and clearly trying to keep their relationship a secret.

The next morning they wake up in Sun's bed. Sun suggests they run away together. Jin asks how? They don't have any money. Sun has her own account. Jin realizes this is what Sun had been planning all along and is taken aback. What she's suggesting is forbidden. Sun says it's very simple. Does Jin want to be with her or not? Of course he does. He loves her. Sun says good. There's something he needs to know -- but there's a knock at the door. Jin quickly hides in Sun's bathroom, and Sun answers the door. It's Keamy and Omar. They're friends of her father.

WHOOOSH to Sun at her garden. Locke is there and calls out to her. Sun is surprised. He tells her he's found Jin. He promised to reunite them, and he can take her to him. Jin is back at Locke's camp across the island. Sun doesn't believe him. He killed the people at the Temple. Locke says they were confused. They were lied to. He didn't want to hurt them, he gave them the choice to go with him... just like he's giving her the same choice. But Sun is wary of Locke and runs. Locke chases her through the jungle. She turns around and sees he's right behind her. She looks forward -- a low hanging branch is there -- Sun's moving too fast to veer -- and KEERRAKKK! She smashes into the branch!

WHOOOSH to Sun's hotel room. Keamy tours her room. He sees the watch box and a bottle of champagne with two glasses. Omar returns and says Jin is not in his room. Keamy smiles and tells him to check the bathroom. Sure enough, Jin is there. Keamy says thanks for the watch, but he wants to know where the money is. Sun and Jin don't understand him. Keamy gets frustrated and tells Omar to go get the Russian guy who can speak Korean. Omar leaves and returns with Mikhail, aka Patchy. But here in the sideways his eye is fine. Mikhail listens to Sun and tells Keamy the money was taken at customs. Keamy tells them that's not his problem. Mikhail says that Sun can replace it. She wants to go to the bank and they'll get it for him. Keamy agrees. He orders Mikhail to go with Sun, and Keamy and Omar will take Jin to the restaurant.

WHOOOSH to the island where Ben finds Sun unconscious. He helps her wake up, and as Sun starts explaining what happened, she's can only speak in Korean. Ben asks her to tell him in English who did this, and Sun says Locke.

Jin is thrown into room 23 on Hydra island. He checks the room out, flipping on a power switch. Loud, pounding music plays as images are projected onto a screen. "Everything changes." "We are the causes of our own suffering." Jin flips the switch and it stops. Zoe walks in and explains that the Dharma Initiative was doing experiments on subliminal messaging. Jin asks why they brought him there. Zoe tells him to relax. He's safe. Jin tries to leave, but Zoe zaps him with a taser. She apologizes and says she can't let him leave. She shows him an old topographical map of the island divided into numbered grids and points to a signature. She asks if it's his signature. Jin remains quiet. She explains that these are the grid maps Dharma used to identify pockets of electromagnetism. Whoever signed them could really help her out. The writing is sloppy but it looks like it says Jin-Soo Kwon. Jin says if they want answers, they need to take him to Charles Widmore.

At Locke's camp, Claire asks Locke if her name was on the cave wall as a candidate. Locke says no. Then it doesn't matter if she gets on that plane. Locke doesn't need her. If she goes home, Aaron won't know her. He thinks Kate is his mom. Then she asks if Kate's name was on the wall. Locke says no, but he needs her, too. He's three shy of getting off the island, and Kate can help him get those three people on the plane. But once she does? Well, whatever happens, happens. Claire looks at Locke and gets the message.

Locke gives Sayid a gun and tells him to secure it in plastic. Sawyer asks what they're preparing for? Locke says they took one of their people. He's going to get him back.

WHOOOSH to the Korean bank. Sun learns her secret account is empty. She's shocked and asks who closed it. Mikhail translates for her, and the bank officer explains it was her father. The funds were transferred to one of his other accounts at the main branch in Seoul. Sun is shocked. Why would her father do that? Mikhail looks at her and asks why does she think?

At the restaurant, Keamy ties Jin to a chair. Keamy then sends Omar to go get Sayid. Keamy explains he has to tie Jin down because once he figures out what's about to happen to him, Keamy doesn't want Jin freaking out. But Jin stares blankly at him. Keamy is amazed Jin really doesn't understand anything he's saying. Keamy says that Mr. Paik was very unhappy when he found out that Jin was doing it with his little girl. The money Jin was supposed to deliver? It's Keamy's fee for killing Jin. He smiles and says some people just aren't meant to be together.

WHOOOSH to the beach camp. Everyone suspects it was Ben that hurt Sun, but Ben says she was unconscious when he found her. Jack asks Sun if she can understand him, and she nods. She just can't speak English. Jack suggests it could be aphasia, a condition caused by trauma that affects the language center of the brain and is temporary. During this, Richard Alpert and Hurley return. Richard says pack their bags, they're leaving. Richard explains that if Locke wants to leave the island, the Ajira plane is the only way he can do it. So if they're going to stop him, they have to go to Hydra island and destroy it. Sun is outraged. She yells at Richard in Korean. No one understands her. She finishes and strides away. The group stands there for a beat. Then Hurley says what everyone is thinking: "I don't think she wants to come."

On Hydra island, Locke hefts the outrigger on shore -- and he's alone. Sayid is not with him. He strides up the beach, taking in the portable pylon fence -- when a shot rings out. Seamus steps out from the jungle and holds Locke at gun point. Locke says he comes in peace. They walk up the beach in parallel, Locke on one side of the fence, Seamus on the other, where Widmore waits. Locke asks why they took Jin. Widmore says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Locke reminds him that a wise man once said war was coming to the island. Locke thinks it just got there.

WHOOOSH to the restaurant where Jin is tied up in the walk-in freezer. Outside, he hears Keamy talking to someone -- and then gun shots. Jin kicks at the door, and it swings open to reveal Sayid. Jin pleads for Sayid not to kill him. Sayid says he doesn't really care who Jin is and turns to leave. Jin yells after him to free him. Sayid finds a box cutter, puts it in Jin's hand and leaves.

WHOOOSH to the Hydra compound room 23. Widmore races in, angry. He says they had a timetable -- this wasn't supposed to happen for days. Zoe understands, but Jin was leaving. Widmore asks Zoe to get the package off the submarine and take it to the infirmary. Zoe leaves. Widmore apologizes to Jin for everything they've put him through. He says they found Sun's luggage and gives him a digital camera. Jin flips through the photos and for the first time sees his daughter that he's never met. Widmore understands that Jin would like to be reunited with his wife and child, but it would be short lived. If that thing masquerading as John Locke ever leaves the island? Everyone they know and love will cease to exist. Widmore came back to make sure that doesn't happen. Now Widmore thinks it's time for Jin to see the package. Jin asks what package, and Widmore says it's not a what but a who.

WHOOOSH back to the restaurant as Mikhail and Sun enter. They see Keamy, Omar and their goons' bodies on the ground, left there after Sayid shot them. Mikhail runs over to Keamy's body... and one of the corpses suddenly stands. It's Jin, and he was playing possum. He tells Mikhail to drop his gun, but Mikhail spins around and they fight. They fire at each other, and Jin manages to get off a shot -- BLAM! It hits Mikhail in the eye! He drops, and Jin checks himself. He's okay... but Sun has been hit in the stomach. She slumps to the floor and tells Jin she's pregnant. Jin picks her up and runs out with her.

WHOOOSH back to the camp as Jack approaches Sun with a pad of paper and a pen. He asks her what Locke said, and Sun writes on the pad that Locke has Jin. She also writes that she doesn't trust Locke. Jack asks if she trusts him? Sun nods. He tells her that he'll help her find Jin, and they'll all get on the plane and get as far away from the island as they can get. Sun smiles.

At Hydra island, Sayid surfaces from the water. He's near the docks and watches as Zoe and Seamus help a man out of the submarine. Seamus says the guy can hardly stand, and Zoe asks what he expects. The man stumbles and falls on the dock, and Zoe helps him up. But from underneath, Sayid can see the man's face, and he's shocked. It's Desmond Hume!

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