Season 6 Episode 12 Everybody Loves Hugo

04/12/10 Season 6 TV-14 L, V

On the island: Hurley's group:
- Ilana leaves to get dynamite from the Black Rock
- Hurley sees Michael, who warns him not to blow up the plane or a lot of people are going to die
- Ilana returns to the beach camp but is blown up when the unstable dynamite explodes
- Richard Alpert organizes everyone to go back to the Black Rock for more dynamite
- At the Black Rock, Hurley runs out and warns everyone to get back
- The Black Rock explodes; Hurley set off the dynamite inside to destroy it
- Hurley wants to go to Locke's camp and talk to him
- Richard disagrees and says letting that thing leave the island is too dangerous; he leaves with Ben and Miles to get explosives from the barracks
- Hurley, Jack, Sun and Lapidus trek to Locke's camp
- Locke is surprised but pleased to see them

On the island: Locke's group:
- Sayid returns and takes Locke to Desmond
- Locke is surprised to see him and asks why Widmore brought Desmond back; Desmond doesn't know
- Locke takes Desmond to a hand-dug well
- He explains the area made compass needles spin, and people dug the well to find out why
- Locke says Widmore didn't bring Desmond back for answers; Widmore brought him back to help him find what he's looking for, which is power
- Locke pushes Desmond into the well

Flash sideways:
- Hurley meets Libby at a restaurant; she says they know each other
- Desmond meets Hurley at Mr. Cluck's and tells him he should at least find out where Libby thinks they know each other from
- Hurley visits Libby in Santa Rosa
- Libby says she remembers another life; they were in a plane crash on an island; they knew each other and liked each other
- Hurley arranges for them to go on a picnic
- Libby kisses Hurley, and he starts to remember things
- Desmond watches him from his car, smiling
- Desmond waits for John Locke outside of the school and then runs Locke down with his car

Hurley is presented the man of the year award for all his philanthropy work at the opening of the Hugo Reyes Paleontology Wing at the Golden State Natural History Museum. However, Hurley's mom, Carmen, isn't happy that Hurley doesn't have a woman in his life. Hurley says he's too busy, but Carmen thinks he's too scared. Hurley denies it – and she says good. She's set him up on a blind date for tomorrow. It's with Grandpa Tito's neighbor's daughter, Rosalita. Hurley asks what she's like, and Carmen says willing to meet him. If she doesn't love Hurley, they'll find someone who will.

WHOOOSH to island. Hurley sits at Libby's grave talking to her. He asks why she hasn't come to visit him yet. Ilana interrupts him – she's going to the Black Rock to get some dynamite to blow up the Ajira plane. Hurley asks if that's really the right move. Ilana says she doesn't know, but it's the only move they have to stop Locke from leaving the island. Ilana leaves... and Hurley hears the whispers. He tenses, looks around – and Michael Dawson steps out from the jungle. Michael says he's there to save Hurley from getting everyone killed. Blowing up the Ajira plane is going to kill a lot of people. And it will be Hurley's fault because everyone's listening to him now. Jack interrupts them and tells Hurley's they're leaving.

WHOOOSH to a Mexican restaurant as Hurley waits for his date. A woman approaches his table and asks if he's Hurley. He looks up, and the woman is Libby! Hurley is awestruck. He didn't expect to meet someone as pretty as she is. He says she doesn't look like a Rosalita, and Libby smiles. That's not her name. She introduces herself, and Hurley is confused. How'd she know his name? Libby says she'll tell him, but he'll think she's crazy. Hurley smiles and says no, he won't. Libby asks if he believes two people can be... connected? Like soul mates. Hurley shrugs. He guesses. Libby is disappointed. Hurley doesn't remember her, does he? This confuses Hurley more. Should he?

Then a man comes over. It's Dr. Brooks from the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, but in the flash sideways, Dr. Brooks and Hurley don't know each other either. Hurley has never been committed to Santa Rosa. Dr. Brooks asks Elizabeth if she's bothering this man. Libby says no, Hurley is an old friend. Dr. Brooks apologizes for the intrusion and escorts Libby out. Before she goes, Libby tells Hurley she meant everything she said. Stunned by the encounter, Hurley hurries out as Libby gets into a van with the mental institute's name on it. As they drive away, Libby waves to Hurley.

WHOOOSH to Locke's camp in the jungle. Sawyer is unhappy that Locke is doing nothing about Widmore's men taking Jin. Locke says there's a difference between doing nothing and waiting. Kate asks what they're waiting for. Locke says they're waiting for Hugo, Sun and Jack to get there because if they are going get off the island, they can only do it if they're all together.

Sayid returns and updates Locke. He didn't see Widmore, but Widmore's people saw him. Locke is surprised Sayid let them live. Sayid says he didn't see the point of killing them once he had what he went for. Locke asks if Sayid found what Widmore was hiding – and Sayid reveals Desmond Hume tied to a tree. Locke is surprised but then confused. Why did Widmore bring Desmond back to the island?

At the beach camp, Ilana returns with the dynamite. She wants to leave right then so they can make it to Hydra island by nightfall. Hurley is unsure about the crusted, oozing, old and volatile dynamite, but Ilana tells him to trust her. She's been training to protect them for her whole life. With the plane gone, that thing won't be able to leave the island. But Hurley points out neither will they. Ilana says Richard will know what to do. Nothing is more important than this. That thing is evil, and if it ever leaves the island –

KA-BLAAAAM!!! The dynamite explodes, vaporizing Ilana and blowing everyone else off their feet. They're shocked. Hurley stares at the place where she just stood in utter disbelief. His worst fears are coming true – people are dying. Hurley gets up and goes over to Ilana's things. He finds the pouch with Jacob's ashes, slips into his pocket. Sun writes a note on her pad – who's going to protect us now? Alpert says they go get more dynamite, but Jack disagrees. They argue, but Hurley interjects. He thinks Richard is right. It's the only choice they have. He tells Jack to trust him.

WHOOOSH to a Mr. Cluck's restaurant as a despondent Hurley plows through a bucket of chicken. He notices a guy staring at him. It's Desmond, and he walks over. Have they seen each other before? Hurley says Desmond probably saw his commercials, but Desmond says no, they were both on flight 815. Hurley is unimpressed. Desmond notices that Hurley has a lot of chicken. Hurley says he eats when he's depressed. Desmond asks what's the girl's name? Hurley explains he met Libby on a blind date but she's crazy and lives in the loony bin. She seemed sane, but then she said they already knew each other. Desmond says maybe she did believe she knew him. Desmond tells Hurley to go with his gut. He should at least find out where she thinks she knows him from before Hurley gives up on her.

WHOOOSH to the jungle as Locke asks Desmond why Widmore brought him back to the island. Desmond says he was kidnapped, so they'd have to ask Widmore, who threw him into a wood shack and blasted him with a massive amount of electromagnetism. Locke asks how Desmond knows what it was, and Desmond simply says experience. Locke sends Sayid back to the camp and says Desmond and him need to take a walk. He wants to show Desmond something.

Jack, Sun, Miles, Lapidus, Ben and Alpert reach the Black Rock. Alpert says it'll only take a few minutes and he doesn't want anyone but him to handle the dynamite – and then he realizes Hurley isn't with them. They call out for Hurley, and he comes running out of the ship yelling for everyone to go, get down! Then – KAH-FWWOOOOOM!!! The Black Rock explodes! The group is blown back by the blast. Alpert gets up and asks why Hurley did that. Hurley says he's protecting them. Alpert is furious and charges towards Hurley. Jack holds him back. Alpert asks what they're supposed to do now? They're dead. They're all dead. Miles asks Hurley why he did it, and Hurley confesses that Michael told him to.

WHOOOSH to Santa Rosa where Hurley visits Libby. She's happy that Hurley remembered her, but he says no, he doesn't. He wants to know where she thinks she knows him from. Libby says it won't make any sense. A few days ago she was watching one of his commercials, and it hit her. All these memories came washing back of her life... only it was another life. There was a plane crash, and she was on an island. Hurley was there, and they liked each other. And she had a memory of being at Santa Rosa before, and Hurley was there, too. Libby can't get him out of her brain. So when she saw him the other night, she hoped he remembered her because that would mean... Hurley apologizes but says he wishes he remembered her. Libby smiles and says it's okay. She's crazy. But Hurley asks if she can get out of there, like on a day pass or something. Libby says yes, she's there voluntarily, and Hurley asks her out on a date.

WHOOOSH to the Black Rock as Alpert asks Ben about the barracks and if there are still grenades and explosives there. Ben says yes, and Alpert tells everyone that's where they're going. Jack wants to talk about it, but Alpert says there's no time to talk. If Jack knows what they need to do to stop that thing from leaving the island, then let's hear it. Hurley says he knows what they need to do. They have to go talk to Locke. It's not his idea, it's Jacob's – and Hurley points to an empty spot in the jungle. Jacob wants them to talk to Locke. It's his idea, so Hurley guesses they better do it. Alpert doesn't believe him and asks Hurley to prove it by asking Jacob what the island is. Hurley says he doesn't have to prove anything. They can either come with him and talk to Locke or they can keep trying to blow stuff up. Alpert thinks Hurley is lying, but Jack believes him. Alpert says he's going to destroy that plane and asks for any help he can get. Ben agrees to go with Alpert, and so does Miles. Miles tells Hurley he's seen that thing in action and it doesn't want to talk. They leave, and Alpert warns them to not get in their way. Jack, Sun, Miles, Lapidus and Hurley head off to Locke's camp.

Locke leads Desmond through a savannah of tall grass. Locke comments that Desmond was there for three years pushing that button, and now he's back for more. If Locke didn't know better, he'd say the island has it out for Desmond. But Desmond says there's nothing special about him – the island has it out for all of them. Then they see the teenage boy again. Desmond asks who it is, and Locke says to ignore him.

As Hurley's group treks to Locke's camp, Hurley asks why Jack came with him. Jack admits it's hard for him to sit back and listen to other people tell him what to do. Ever since Juliet died, since he got her killed, he's just wanted to fix it. But he can't. He can't ever fix it... and maybe that's the point. Maybe he's supposed to let go. That's why he's trusting Hurley. Just then they hear the whispers. They're not alone out there, and they swing their weapons around. Hurley realizes something and tells them to wait. He thinks he knows what the whispers are. Hurley walks through the jungle to a ridge calling out for Michael, and the whispers stop. Michael steps out. Hurley guesses it's people who are stuck on the island, and Michael nods. They can't move on. Hurley asks if Michael can show him where Locke's camp is, and Michael points to a tiny yellow camp fire in the distance. Hurley asks if there's anything he can do to help him move on, and Michael says to not get killed. Before Michael leaves, he asks Hurley if he ever sees Libby again, to tell her he's sorry. Hurley agrees.

WHOOOSH to the Santa Monica beach as Hurley and Libby sit on blankets and have a picnic for their date. Libby says it feels a little off yet familiar, like a date they never had. She asks why Hurley wants to be with her, but Hurley asks her the same thing. Libby says because she likes him. Hurley says it's only because she's delusional. Libby leans over and kisses him. It's tender and sweet – and suddenly Hurley's remembers moments with Libby on the island. His eyes pop open, and he looks at her thunderstruck. He says he thinks he remembers stuff. Libby is happy. Maybe she's not crazy, and Hurley says no, he doesn't think she is.

Watching them together from a car in the parking lot is Desmond – and he's smiling like it's all going to plan. But what that plan is we have no idea. Desmond starts the car and drives away.

WHOOOSH to the jungle as Locke leads Desmond to a well in a clearing. They wonder how deep it is, and Locke drops one of their torches down into it. It tumbles end over end and hits water at the bottom. Locke says the well is very old, so old that the people who dug it did it completely by hand. They weren't just looking for water – they were looking for answers. Places like where they're standing made compass needles spin, and people needed to know why. So they dug but they didn't find what they were looking for. Locke brought Desmond out there because people like Charles Widmore aren't interested in answers. He's interested in power. And Widmore brought Desmond back to the island to help Widmore find what he's looking for. After all, this isn't the only well. Locke realizes that Desmond isn't afraid and asks why he's not. Desmond asks what's the point of being afraid? And then – Locke pushes Desmond into the well! Desmond falls through the dark shaft and SPLASH! Hits the water.

Locke returns to his camp. Sayid asks where Desmond is, and Locke says they don't have to worry about him. Then Hurley steps out of the jungle and approaches Locke. Hurley says he doesn't know who Locke is, but they need to talk. There are other people with him, and he doesn't want anyone getting hurt. They're not going to do anything, and he wants Locke's word that he won't do anything either. Locke agrees. Hurley yells for them to come out, and Lapidus, Sun and Jack step out. Locke seems very pleased to see them. He says hello to Jack, who is stunned to see Locke alive.

WHOOOSH to Desmond waiting in his car outside a school. Kids file out, and then Desmond sees John Locke exit, wheeling his way towards the crosswalk. Ben taps on the window and asks what Desmond is doing. He's been parked there a while watching the school. Does Desmond have a child that goes here? Desmond lies and says he's moved to the neighborhood and looking for a place for his son. As a teacher, Ben vouches for the school and says it's wonderful. Desmond sees that Locke is wheeling across the street towards his van. Desmond drops the car into gear, guns it, screeching out of his spot, bearing down on Locke at top speed and – BAM!!!

The wheelchair makes a sickening sound as it smashes into the front of the car and rolls up on the hood. Locke goes flying, a limp rag doll pinwheeling away – and Desmond keeps on driving! It's a hit and run! Ben is in shock but quickly shouts out for someone to call 911. He rushes over to Locke, telling him they're going to get him to the hospital, but Locke is in serious trouble.

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