Season 6 Episode 13 The Last Recruit

04/19/10 Season 6 TV-14 L, V

On the island: Locke's group:
- Locke explains to Jack that they are not trapped on the island anymore; they can use the Ajira plane to fly away but all of them have to be on it
- Zoe delivers Locke a message: Widmore wants back what Locke stole; if Locke doesn't give it back, Widmore will attack the group and kill them
- Locke asks Sayid to go kill Desmond
- Locke tells Sawyer to get the Elizabeth sailboat so they can sail over to Hydra island; Sawyer takes Kate with him
- Sawyer's plan is to sail over to Hydra island and take Widmore's sub by force
- Locke thinks Sayid is taking too long and goes after him; he finds him in the jungle walking back, and Sayid claims he killed Desmond
- Jack, Sun, Hurley and Lapidus sneak off from the group
- Locke realizes what's going on and is at the beach when Jack swims back
- Widmore launches his attack, killing some of the Others on the beach
- Locke protects Jack and takes him to safety in the jungle

On the island: Sawyer's group:
- Sawyer is asked by Locke to get the Elizabeth sailboat
- Sawyer's plan is to sail over to Hydra island and take Widmore's sub by force
- Sawyer tells Jack to round up Sun, Hurley and Lapidus and meet them at the Dharma dock
- Claire follows Jack's group there; Sawyer doesn't want to let her on but Kate convinces him it's okay
- Jack says they shouldn't leave the island; Sawyer tells him to get off the boat
- Jack jumps off and swims back to the main island
- They arrive at Hydra island, and Sun and Jin are reunited
- Everyone is taken prisoner by Widmore's team

Flash sideways:
- Locke is brought to Jack's hospital at the same time that Sun is brought in
- Saywer and Miles get a lead on Sayid and arrest him at Nadia's house
- Claire arrives at the adoption agency and runs into Desmond
- Desmond convinces her to see an attorney who is a friend of his
- The attorney is Ilana, who has been looking for Claire
- Ilana introduces Claire to Jack and David at the reading of Christian Shephard's will
- Jack is called back to the hospital in an emergency operation
- Sun regains consciousness and Jin tells her the baby is okay
- Jack is about to perform surgery on Locke and recognizes him

Hurley, Sun, Lapidus and Jack join Locke's group. Locke says he was hoping they'd come. Jack and Locke walk away to talk privately. Jack is surprised this person looks so much like Locke, but it bothers him that he doesn't know who this person is. Jack asks why use John Locke, and Locke says because he was stupid enough to believe that he was brought to the island for a reason, and that belief got him killed. And because Jack was kind enough to bring his body back here. Jack realizes Locke had to be dead before this person could look like him, and then Jack asks who else has he looked like. Was he Jack's dead father? Locke smiles and says yes, that was him. Angry, Jack asks why. Locke says they needed to find water. It may be hard to believe, but all he ever wanted was to help Jack leave. But because Jacob chose him, Jack was trapped on the island before he ever got there. But Jacob is dead now, and they don't have to be trapped anymore. They can all get on the plane and leave whenever they want to. Jack asks if he can fly away whenever he wants, why is he still there? Locke says it has to be all of them.

WHOOOSH to Locke in the back of a speeding ambulance. Ben is with him and tells the EMTs he saw the guy who ran Locke over with his car. The EMT says Ben can tell the police when they get to the hospital, then asks who they can contact. Locke's eyes flutter open, and he says Helen. He was going to marry her. Ben reassures Locke -- he's still going to marry her. He's going to be okay. The ambulance arrives at the hospital and they unload Locke -- just as a second ambulance arrives and unloads Sun -- a gun shot wound to the abdomen. Jin is panicked and yells out "baby" in English. Locke and Sun's gurneys are next to each other. Sun looks over and sees Locke -- and though they've never met in the sideways, her eyes go wide with terror. She points to him and says in Korean it's him.

WHOOOSH to the island as Jack and Locke return to the camp. Claire is caught following them. Locke asks why, and Claire says because Jack is her brother. Locke leaves them alone to catch up, and Jack starts to apologize for leaving her behind -- when Claire interrupts and asks if he told Jack he was the one pretending to be their father. Jack nods. Yeah, Locke told him. Claire smiles. It's nice to see Jack back. She never had much in the way of family there. It means a lot that Jack is coming with them. But Jack corrects her -- he hasn't decided if he's coming with them. Claire looks at him like he said something silly. Sure he has. Jack decided the moment he let Locke talk to him... just like the rest of them. Whether Jack likes it or not? He's with Locke now.

At the camp, Sawyer tells Hurley about his plan to take the submarine and leave while Kate tells Sun. Hurley asks about Sayid, but Sawyer says he ain't invited. Sawyer warns Hurley not to tell anyone, not even Jack. Then Claire comes over to say hi to Hurley. They share an awkward hug as Jack and Locke return. Locke smiles, and says it's nice to have everyone back together again.

WHOOOSH to an LAPD precinct as Sawyer talks to Kate. He has her file and reads off her crimes: wanted for arson, assault on a federal officer and murder in the first degree. Kate says she's innocent. Sawyer tells her she can mention it to the feds when they get there, and then asks if she remembers him from the airport. They were on the same plane from Sydney. Isn't it weird? They're on the same flight, have that little meet-up on the elevator, and then out of all the cars in LA, she smashed into his. It's almost like someone's trying to put them together. Kate asks if he's hitting on her, and Sawyer just grins. It'd never work -- he's a cop and she's a murderer. Kate says she's not a murderer. She thinks he didn't arrest her in the elevator because he went to Australia and didn't want anyone to know he was there. Should she mention that to the feds when they get there? Sawyer smiles at her.

Miles comes in and tells Sawyer they have a report of a multiple homicide at a restaurant: a lowlife named Keamy, three goons and a Korean female gun shot wound at the scene. Her boyfriend witnessed it but doesn't speak English. Surveillance camera shows a guy leaving the scene -- and Miles shows him a grainy image of Sayid. Sawyer says it's their bad guy, they just have to put a name to the face.

WHOOOSH to Locke's camp as Jack updates Kate. She tells him Locke is different now and asks if Jack believes him. Jack isn't sure yet. Then Zoe walks into the camp, and the Others hold her at gunpoint. Hurley asks who that is, and Sawyer tells him Widmore's number two. Zoe tells Locke that he took something from them and they want it back. Locke says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Zoe radios back to her people -- show them what they're capable of. They hear something that is launched and flying through the air. People look up and around as KA-RUUUMMP! The tree line behind Locke explodes into a fireball. Zoe tells Locke that they have until nightfall to return what he took... or next time they won't miss. She tosses him the walkie and says to call her when it's ready for pick up. She leaves, and Locke drops the walkie on the ground and smashes it to pieces with his boot. "Well. Here we go."

WHOOOSH to an office building as Claire enters for her appointment with an adoption agency. Desmond just happens to be there and says hello. They met at the baggage claim at the airport. He notices she's going to the adoption agency alone and says she should have some legal representation. He happens to be seeing one right now. Claire says no, she doesn't have the money for a lawyer. They get in the elevator, and Claire pushes the button for floor 15. That's where Desmond is going. The attorney he's seeing owes him a favor. Maybe Claire can just meet her? Claire agrees, and they go into the law firm. Desmond checks in with the receptionist, and out walks Ilana! She is Desmond's attorney. Desmond introduces her to Claire, and Ilana is shocked. They've been looking for her. Ilana asks to talk to Claire alone.

WHOOOSH to Locke's camp as Locke tells his people that Widmore's group is forcing their hand, claiming they stole something in order to provoke a confrontation. He tells them to gather their things, they are going to Hydra island and getting on that plane. As the group prepares, Locke asks Sawyer for a favor. There's a boat moored a few hours down the shore. Locke wants Sawyer to get it and meet them on the other side of the bluffs, then they can sail to Hydra island. Sawyer says he could use another couple of hands and asks for Kate's help.

As Sawyer is preparing to leave, he tells Jack his plan: first chance Jack gets, double back and hoof it to the Dharma docks. Bring Hurley, Sun and Lapidus. He and Kate will meet them there with the sailboat. Jack asks about Claire, and Sawyer says she's nuts. Claire gave up her ticket when she tried to kill Kate.

As they trek through the jungle, Locke then pulls Sayid aside and tells him to go out where he has Desmond and kill him. Sayid goes to the well and sees Desmond at the bottom. Desmond asks since Sayid is going to shoot in him cold blood what he's getting in exchange. Sayid says he would get back something he lost -- the woman he loved but who is dead. Desmond asks what makes him think Locke can bring her back, and Sayid says he died and Locke brought him back. Desmond asks what Sayid will tell her when this woman asks what he did to be with her?

WHOOOSH to Nadia's house as Sayid returns. He's packing frantically and tells Nadia everything will be okay now. He took care of it. Nadia asks if he hurt someone, and Sayid simply says he has to go and he's never going to be able to come back. There's a knock at the door. Sayid tells her to stall them and runs out the back of the house. Nadia answers the door, and it's Miles. He identifies himself as LAPD. Sayid sneaks out the back -- when he trips over a garden hose pulled tight. Reveal Sawyer hiding behind the corner of the house. He drops the other end of the hose and pulls his gun on Sayid, arresting him.

WHOOOSH to the island as Sawyer breaks through the foliage into the cove where the sailboat is moored. It's the Elizabeth -- Desmond's old sailboat. Kate asks if it's a good idea to go back and get Locke, but Sawyer says they ain't doing that. They're ditching Locke and picking up Jack, Sun, Hurley and Lapidus and getting off the island. Kate asks about Claire, and Sawyer says no, she ain't coming. Kate won't leave without her. Sawyer says the Claire she came back for is gone. She's dangerous now.

As Locke's group treks through the jungle, Jack asks Claire if she trusts Locke, and Claire says yes. Locke is the only one who didn't abandon her. Locke watches the Others as they walk by looking for Sayid. Locke tells them to keep moving for the beach. He'll catch up with them there. Cindy asks where he's going, and Locke says to make sure nobody got left behind.

Jack watches as Locke disappears into the jungle and realizes this is their chance. He tells Hurley, Sun and Lapidus they have to go now. Hurley says they should stick to Sawyer's plan, and Jack says this is Sawyer's plan. They take off into the jungle... and Claire watches them from a distance.

WHOOOSH to the law offices as Jack and David check in for Christian's will reading. They meet Ilana, who says she has a surprise for them. She leads them into a conference room and introduces them to Claire. Jack is surprised they found her, and Ilana says that she actually found them. Jack says that Claire was in his father's will and asks how she knew him. Claire says that he was her father, too. Jack then gets a call from his service about an emergency at the hospital. He's going to have to leave and reschedule.

WHOOOSH to Jack's group as they run through the jungle to the Dharma dock. Sawyer and Kate are there waiting on the Elizabeth. Sawyer waves everyone on board -- and then he notices Claire at the other end pointing a rifle at them. She asks where they're going. Kate tells her it's okay, they're leaving the island. Claire asks why they aren't waiting for Locke, and Kate says because that thing isn't Locke. Whoever it is, he's not one of them. Kate invites Claire to come with them. That's the only reason she came back to the island -- so she could get Claire and take her back to Aaron. So they could be together again. Claire thinks about it and finally nods. But she tells Kate that when Locke finds out, he's going to be mad.

In the jungle, Sayid returns from the well as Locke steps out from the foliage. He asks where Sayid has been, and Sayid says doing what he asked -- he shot an unarmed man. Locke asks if Sayid really did kill him, and Sayid says of course. Locke can go check if he likes. They hold each other's stare for a tense beat. Finally, Locke says they have to go catch a boat.

On the Elizabeth, Sawyer explains his plan to Lapidus: they're going to sail to Hydra island, take over Widmore's sub and make his group take them home. Sawyer talks to Jack privately and says he wasn't sure Jack would show up. All this time they've been on this rock, Jack never once did what Sawyer told him. Jack says it doesn't feel right leaving the island. Sawyer asks why? Jack says when he left last time, it felt like a part of him was missing. They were brought there because they were supposed to do something. If Locke wants them to leave, maybe it's scared of what happens if they stay. Sawyer looks at Jack -- and then tells him to get off his boat. Sawyer is angry and says Jack has a decision to make right now -- either come with them and keep his crazy talk to himself, or go in the water. Jack says the island isn't done with them yet, but Sawyer says he's done with the island. Sawyer steps closer and tells Jack again to get off his boat. Jack says he's sorry he got Juliet killed -- and then jumps over. Kate sees him in the water as they pass him -- they hold each other's looks -- as Jack treads water, alone in the ocean watching the boat sail away.

WHOOOSH to the hospital as Sun regains consciousness and finds Jin waiting at her bedside. He tells her the baby is fine and that she's going to be okay. Elsewhere, Jack is prepped about his emergency patient. A surgeon goes over an MRI with Jack -- the dural sac is obliterated, and the guy had a pre-existing spinal condition. He was already in a wheelchair. Jack enters the operating room, and as he's about to cut open the man, he leans over to take a look at the patient. Jack is shocked because it's John Locke. He says he thinks he knows this guy.

WHOOOSH to Hydra island as Sawyer's group swims ashore. They are met by Zoe and her team. Jin is with them, and he sees Sun. They run into each other's arms. After many, many episodes and an epic journey across oceans, the island and even time -- Sun and Jin are reunited. They hold onto each other fiercely, and Sun says, "I love you" in English. Kate, Sawyer and Hurley watch, touched by their emotion. Sawyer sees that Zoe is on her walkie talking to Widmore. She clicks off -- and her demeanor changes. She swings up her rifle, and her team does the same. Zoe orders them all on their knees. Sawyer can't believe it -- they had a deal!

On the main island as Jack swims to shore and finds Locke, Sayid and the rest of the Others there waiting for him. Locke asks if Sawyer took his boat, and Jack says yes. Then suddenly a mortar shell flies in and explodes on the shore! Sand and bodies fly everywhere. The Others scatter. Jack is knocked on his ass, ears ringing! Locke picks him up and carries him into the jungle as another mortar shell explodes behind them. Locke tells Jack not to worry. He'll be safe because Jack is with him now. Jack loses consciousness and is out.

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