LOST Cast Members: Where Are They Now?

  • By Jason Leung

As if they're in a flash sideways, the passengers of Oceanic 815 keep reappearing in different forms. Since the 2010 series finale of LOST, cast members of the show have been popping up in movies and new TV series, and while they haven't been coming back to the island, they have been returning to ABC. Here are some of the more notable castaways who've been cast in current ABC series.


Naveen Andrews as Jafar in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland at Comic-Con 2013.

From left to right: Co-creator Edward Kitsis, Sophie Lowe (Alice), Peter Gadiot (Cyrus the Genie) and Naveen Andrews (Jafar).

At Comic-Con International 2013 in San Diego, LOST writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis announced that Naveen Andrews (Sayid) would be playing the villain Jafar in their new fall series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, premiering THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 8|7c on ABC.

See photos of Castle's Nathan Fillion in LOST as Kate's husband


Emilie de Ravin as Belle in Once Upon a Time

Claire went a little crazy fending for herself in LOST, and in Once Upon a Time, Emilie de Ravin plays a beauty who's spent 28 years in an insane asylum. As Belle, she also happens to have a thing for beasts, but this time it's Rumplestiltskin instead of a Squirrel Baby.

Before she was Claire Dunphy on Modern Family, Julie Bowen played Jack Shephard's wife.

Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) captured Charlie in the Looking Glass Station.


Yunjin Kim as Karen in Mistresses

As Sun, Yunjin Kim played the determined and dedicated character who just wanted to reunite with her husband Jin. As Kim on Mistresses, she's still dealing with troubled relationships and she has a new batch of loyal friends who would likely go down with the submarine with her.

Dharma villain Stuart Radzinsky in a scuffle with Phil Dunphy from Modern Family?

Jorge Garcia as Anton the Giant in Once Upon a Time

Hurley would probably be happy to hear that LOST creator J.J. Abrams is taking the helm of Star Wars Episode VII. Hurley would probably be a fan of Once Upon a Time, too, and Jorge Garcia makes a big impression on the series as Anton the Giant.

He played Widmore on LOST and now Alan Dale is back as a villain on Once Upon a Time.

What are some of your favorite roles that LOST alumni have played? Share your comments below!


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