Field Report: The Only Light in the Darkness

By Steve Dove Apr 23, 2014

Welcome back, Agents. At the end of the previous report, Grant Ward had returned to Agent Phil Coulson's team in their new location, a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base called "Providence." Agent Eric Koenig (guest star Patton Oswalt) insisted that all members of Coulson's team be vetted by going through "orientation" with the world's most advanced lie detection system. Meanwhile, Coulson has learned that John Garrett has set every dangerous criminal in The Fridge go, including Marcus Daniels, a stalker with electrical powers.


Agent Koenig may not look too tough at first, but he sure knows how to get serious with a question. And does this mean Grant Ward beat a lie detector even Agent Romanoff couldn't beat?


Coulson and Agent Melinda May used to be so close, but ever since he found out how much she knew about what happened to him, his trust in her has been gone. He finally lashed out at her here and maybe even took it too far, unknowingly causing May to leave.


After saving Audrey Nathan, the beautiful cellist he's in love with—and who thinks he died!—without telling her he's still alive, Coulson turns introspective and has a touching talk with Agent Leo Fitz. But will Fitz get the courage to tell Agent Jemma Simmons how he feels about her?


After finding Agent Koenig dead, Skye now knows that Ward is Hydra, but she also knows she's no match for him in a fight. He needs her to decrypt the team's hard drive, which she tells him is location-based. Now they're on The Bus, lying to each other in a tense game that could end very, very badly.


Agent May calls in some help from a pretty unlikely source—her mom! Notice that even a high-level S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent has trouble dealing with a maternal guilt trip. But that's not the only trip May's on. It seems that she's on her way to see Maria Hill!