Field Report: Nothing Personal

By Steve Dove Apr 30, 2014

Welcome back, agents. The word has gotten out on Grant Ward and now everyone knows that he's HYDRA thanks to Skye. Speaking of, our favoirte "hacktivist" is hoping the team figures out what's going on before Ward gets his traitorous hands on their encrypted data, but Deathlok kinda messes with that plan. Meanwhile, Melinda May is off to find out just who was in charge of the T.A.H.I.T.I. program so Phil Coulson can focus on stopping John Garrett.


Melinda May is a badass. Maria Hill (guest star Cobie Smulders) is a badass. The two of them together is basically THE BEST!


After Jemma Simmons examines the body of the late Agent Eric Koenig, she determines that Grant Ward is the only suspect who could have killed him. Everyone processes it in their own way, but I'm with Leo Fitz, who starts wrecking stuff and doesn't want to believe it.


Go Skye! She spent the entire episode telling Ward what a HYDRA-loving jerk he is and wasn't even intimidated by Deathlok!


They shot Lola! Sure, John Garrett and Grant Ward being HYDRA ticked Coulson off, but they messed with Lola now, so they had better watch out!


Huh. Yeah, have to admit, did not see that one coming.