A Mysterious Hero Appears
Episode 1 2:04 TV-PG Aired 09/25/2013
A man with superpowers saves a woman's life.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Video

  • Grant Ward Faces the Ultimate Lie Detector
    Will Agent Koenig uncover his secret?
    Agent Eric Koenig (guest star Patton Oswalt) insists on putting everyone through a lie detector test, but will it uncover Grant Ward's affiliation with Hydra?
    Episode 19  | 
  • Coulson Lashes out at May
    Their friendship may be ruined
    Melinda May insists that she should be flying the strike team for their next mission, but Coulson lets her know that he still doesn't trust her, and he maybe never will again.
    Episode 19  | 
  • Lying to the Ones We Love Most
    Coulson and Fitz share a moment
    After seeing the woman he loves once again. Coulson and Fitz talk about how hard it can be to tell the truth to the people they care about.
    Episode 19  | 
  • Skye and Ward Lie to Each Other
    Which one will win this deadly game?
    Skye now knows that Grant Ward is an agent of Hydra as she plays for time in the hopes that the rest of Coulson's team will be able to help her and discover what Ward's really up to.
    Episode 19  | 
  • Melinda May Calls for Help
    The Cavalry calls in some support
    Melinda May is on a mission to earn back Phil Coulson's trust and to do that, she's going to need some help, and a conversation with a high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.
    Episode 19  | 
  • The Most Shocking Betrayal Ever
    You won't believe your eyes
    The Clairvoyant has been captured and is en route to the S.H.I.E.L.D. prison known as "The Fridge" when a sleeper agent makes their move.
    Episode 17  | 
  • Skye Becomes an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Welcome to Level One.
    On the eve of carrying out the team's most important operation ever, Skye is officially inducted as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.
    Episode 16  | 
  • Deathlok Attacks Agent Blake
    "Mike Peterson is dead."
    Agents May and Blake are investigating a potential lead on The Clairvoyant when Deathlok attacks!
    Episode 16  | 
  • Agent Ward Kills a Suspect
    "The Clairvoyant didn't see that coming."
    Agent Coulson's team tracks Deathlok to the location of Thomas Nash, the man who may be The Clairvoyant, but soon Agent Ward takes matters into his own hands.
    Episode 16  | 
  • Tracking the Real Clairvoyant
    Agent Coulson figures out The Clairvoyant's secret.
    Skye and Coulson talk about Ward and they begin to realize that The Clairvoyant may be even more dangerous than they had first thought.
    Episode 16  | 
  • Skye Fights For Her Life
    Can a mysterious drug save her?
    Agent Simmons injects Skye with GH325, a mysterious drug that was found in a hidden base, but for some reason, Coulson doesn't want to use it. But why?
    Episode 14  | 
  • What Coulson Saw
    Agent Coulson's mystery takes a turn
    Agent Melinda May asks Coulson what happened in the bunker to make him change his mind about using the drug on Skye, but will he tell her what really happened?
    Episode 14  | 
  • Ward and Coulson Try the Holotable
    Things have begun to get personal.
    Agents Ward and Coulson try to use the holotable and wind up having a chat about the team getting personal before a teammate's unexpected arrival.
    Episode 13  | 
  • Ian Quinn Shoots Skye
    Someone's given orders to kill Skye.
    Ian Quinn has procured a new leg for Mike Peterson so that he can carry out The Clairvoyant's orders, and then he turns his attention to Skye.
    Episode 13  | 
  • Arresting Ian Quinn
    S.H.I.E.L.D. catches a dangerous man.
    The team finally takes down Ian Quinn at an Italian villa, but has the damage already been done?
    Episode 13  | 
  • Coulson Gets the Truth
    The doctor comes clean.
    Agent Coulson questions the doctor who brought him back to life and finds out the truth about how he is still alive.
    Episode 11  | 
  • The Fate of Mike Peterson
    Mike Peterson is still alive!
    Mike Peterson wakes up in a cell after surviving the explosion on the bridge. But where is he and who has him?
    Episode 11  | 
  • Centipede Ambushes the Team
    Three soldiers take the fight to the team.
    Agent Coulson and his team have tracked down Centipede, but they're ambushed by three soldiers with powers that are more than a match for them.
    Episode 10  | 
  • Agent Coulson Counsels Mike
    The life of an Agent isn't easy.
    Phil Coulson tells Mike Peterson about what it's really like making the choice to live the life of an Agent and what that could mean for him as a father.
    Episode 10  | 
  • Planning a Hostage Exchange
    Centipede has Mike Peterson's son.
    Mike Peterson's son has been taken by Centipede and they want Mike to hand himself over to them in exchange for his son's life.
    Episode 10  | 
  • Ward and May Hook Up
    Ward turns down Skye and ends up with May
    After the Berserker Staff unlocks Ward's worst memory, Skye tries to comfort him, but he winds up heading into Agent May's room instead.
    Episode 8  | 
  • Victoria Hand Gives Ward an Assignment
    Fitz and Ward are going into the field.
    The infamous Agent Victoria Hand has a special op for Agent Ward, but he'll need a tech expert to go with him. Good thing he knows one.
    Episode 7  | 
  • Agent Ward Protects Fitz
    That sandwich looked so good, too!
    Grant Ward lets Fitz know that he's trying to protect him, but his inexperience in the field could get them both killed.
    Episode 7  | 
  • Coulson Argues with Agent Hand
    Coulson loses faith in the system.
    Agent Coulson doesn't appreciate that Victoria Hand sent two members of his team into hostile territory without telling them there was no extraction team.
    Episode 7  | 
  • Agent Fitz Protects Ward
    A bromance begins.
    Despite his inexperience in the field, Agent Fitz insists he's also there to protect Ward, and that includes not running when the mission takes a bad turn.
    Episode 7  | 
  • An Agent From Coulson's Past
    Get briefed on Akela Amador.
    Agent Coulson briefs the team on their latest suspect, Akela Amador, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent who he trained.
    Episode 4  | 
  • Coulson and May Argue
    The team disagrees about dealing with Amador
    Coulson and his team discover that their suspect is being controlled, but Coulson and May disagree on how to handle the situation.
    Episode 4  | 
  • Melinda May Fights Amador
    Two combat experts face off
    Agent Melinda May has decided to bring Akela Amador in herself, but even The Cavalry can have trouble fighting a former Agent with a cybernetic eye.
    Episode 4  | 
  • Agent Ward Fails at Bromance
    Not every secret agent is the charming type
    When he's instructed to seduce a guard, Agent Ward does his best to turn on the charm with some pretty mixed results
    Episode 4  | 
  • Has Agent Coulson Changed?
    Someone from his past wants answers
    Amador is handed over for a trial, but she wants to know what's been done to Coulson. Did dying change him?
    Episode 4  | 
  • Agent Coulson's Secret
    What doesn't Coulson know?
    Coulson's team has been cleared, but theres a secret behind his near-death experience that even he doesn't know.
    Episode 1  | 
  • Agent Ward Meets FitzSimmons
    He's engineering, she's bio-chem.
    As Agent Ward arrives on board The Bus, he meets Agent Fitz and Agent Simmons, two of his new team members.
    Episode 1  | 
  • Coulson and Ward Question Skye
    Skye is a valuable asset.
    Agent Coulson sees Skye as a valuable asset, but Agent Ward almost blows the interrogation.
    Episode 1  | 
  • Disarming a Human Bomb
    Can the team save everyone?
    Agent Coulson talks down a man who could explode at any minute, buying his team the time they need.
    Episode 1  | 
  • Coulson Speaks to Colonel Talbot
    Colonel Glenn Talbot is coming for S.H.I.E.L.D.
    In the wake of the Hydra attack, U.S. Air Force Colonel Glenn Talbot contacts Agent Coulson at The Hub and says he's coming over. Coulson knows that means it's time to leave.
    Episode 18  | 
  • A Message From Nick Fury?
    Coulson still believes in S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Skye and Coulson notice that secret coordinates have lit up on his S.H.I.E.L.D. badge and he believes they're a message from Nick Fury, but the rest of the team isn't so sure.
    Episode 18  | 
  • Ward and Garrett Raid The Fridge
    Hydra strikes S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secret facility
    Hydra agents Grant Ward and John Garrett break into the secure S.H.I.E.L.D. facility known as "The Fridge" to steal dangerous weaponry and set loose even more dangerous people.
    Episode 18  | 
  • Coulson's Faith is Tested
    Has Coulson lost his mind?
    Agent Coulson has led his team into the middle of the wilderness in search of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base that may not even exist.
    Episode 18  | 
  • The Truth About Nick Fury
    Agent Koenig tells Coulson the truth.
    After telling Coulson's team that Nick Fury was dead, Agent Eric Koenig (guest star Patton Oswalt) explains the truth about the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Episode 18  | 
  • Agent May's Secret is Revealed
    Can the team trust her?
    After Fitz stumbles upon May's secret hard-line, the team realizes that they may have a traitor in their midst!
    Episode 16  | 
  • Lorelei Takes Control of Ward
    While Lady Sif is distracted, Lorelei escapes
    With Lady Sif distracted in battle, Lorelei escapes by taking control of Agent Ward!
    Episode 15  | 
  • Agent May and Lady Sif
    Two warriors talk about what's to come.
    Agent Melinda May and the Asgardian warrior Lady Sif talk about what must be done to stop Lorelei and Agent Ward who is now under her spell.
    Episode 15  | 
  • May Finds Out Ward Wants Someone Else
    What will the truth mean for these two Agents?
    Lorelei has Agent Ward under her control, and the two of them will do anything to stop her from retaking control of The Bus.
    Episode 15  | 
  • Lady Sif Fights Lorelei
    Two Asgardian warriors face off
    Lady Sif faces Lorelei while the bewitched Agent Ward tangles with Agent May and poor Agent Fitz finds himself getting knocked out again.
    Episode 15  | 
  • The Team Saves Skye
    Can they stabilize her in time?
    Agent Coulson finds Skye fading fast and it takes the whole team to come up with a way to stabilize her. But will she ever recover?
    Episode 13  | 
  • Project Deathlok
    Mike Peterson's new leg has a familiar name.
    Mike Peterson wants to see his son again, but The Clairvoyant has other plans for him, like making him part of Project Deathlok!
    Episode 13  | 
  • Fitz and Simmons Speak at the Academy
    FitzSimmons talks about potentiality.
    After a student is attacked at the Academy using a device Fitz and Simmons created, they return to offer some words of wisdom to the latest class.
    Episode 12  | 
  • The Truth About Skye
    Coulson and May find out the truth.
    The big secret in Skye's past and her ties to S.H.I.E.L.D. have been discovered, but will Coulson and May tell her what they know?
    Episode 12  | 
  • Coulson Tells Skye Everything
    Skye gets her answers.
    After S.H.I.E.L.D. kept such a big secret from him, Agent Coulson can't do the same to Skye. He tells her the truth about how she was found as a baby.
    Episode 12  | 
  • Coulson in Enemy Hands
    What do they want with Coulson?
    Agent Phil Coulson has been taken by Centipede! He tells Raina that he won't give her any information, but she has some very specific questions for him.
    Episode 10  | 
  • FitzSimmons Pranks Skye
    Carrying on Academy tradition
    Agents Fitz and Simmons decide to prank Skye by telling her a made-up version of the story behind how Agent May came to be known as "the cavalry."
    Episode 9  | 
  • Skye and Ward Talk about May
    She gets the job done
    Skye vents about Agent May to Ward, not realizing that the two of them are hooking up, and he gives Skye a different take on how May became "the cavalry."
    Episode 9  | 
  • Coulson Sets Skye Straight About May
    How Agent May lost herself
    When Skye brings up "the cavalry," Coulson gives her the true story about how Agent May got that nickname and why he wanted her as part of his team.
    Episode 9  | 
  • Agent May Talks Tobias Down
    "Let the girl go"
    May realizes that Tobias is trying to save Hanna and the truth comes out about what really caused the accident.
    Episode 9  | 
  • Coulson Keeps Skye's Past a Secret
    Can they trust each other?
    Agent Coulson tells Skye more about the redacted S.H.I.E.L.D. file tied to her past, but he keeps the whole truth from her until he learns more.
    Episode 7  | 
  • Coulson Talks About Dying
    Coulson knows what dying's like.
    Agent Coulson stays with a man who's about to be killed by an alien virus and talks about his own near-death experience.
    Episode 6  | 
  • Simmons is Infected
    Agent Simmons could be killed by an alien virus.
    While investigating an alien virus, Agent Jemma Simmons contracts it herself and if she can't find a cure, she could kill the entire team.
    Episode 6  | 
  • Agent Ward Rescues Simmons
    Ward makes a daring freefall rescue.
    In order to stop the alien virus she's contracted from killing the team, Agent Simmons jumps out of the plane and Agent Ward jumps after her.
    Episode 6  | 
  • Agent Coulson Feels Different
    Did dying change Coulson?
    Coulson admits to Agent May that, ever since he was nearly killed by Loki, he feels different. She tells him that's because he is.
    Episode 6  | 
  • Ward Begins Skye's Training
    Can Skye commit to training?
    Skye says she wants to become a Field Agent, but first she needs training and Ward will test her commitment.
    Episode 3  | 
  • Skye Goes Undercover
    Skye has a way to save the doc.
    Coulson's team looks for a way to get into Ian Quinn's compound and Skye gives them an unorthodox solution.
    Episode 3  | 
  • Ward Rescues Skye
    Agent Ward shows off his combat expertise
    Skye runs into some trouble while escaping Ian Quinn's compound, but Agent Ward is there to watch her back.
    Episode 3  | 
  • Coulson Makes a Hard Call
    Dr. Franklin Hall meets his fate
    When he's faced with no other choice, Agent Coulson kills Dr. Franklin Hall in order to stop a gravitational chain reaction.
    Episode 3  | 
  • Skye Makes Her Choice
    Skye has her moment.
    Skye finally opens up to Ward and chooses to dedicate herself to training and becoming an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Episode 3  | 
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Enemy Appears
    Out of the shadows into the light
    Agent John Garrett comes aboard and Agent Coulson tells him he believes that Victoria Hand is actually The Clairvoyant.
    Episode 17  | 
  • May and Coulson Call Nick Fury
    Can the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. help them?
    Coulson demands that May use her direct line to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury to save the team from Victoria Hand, but there's a big problem with his plan.
    Episode 17  | 
  • The Truth About Coulson's Team
    Melinda May tells all of her secrets
    With their own people surrounding the plane, Coulson asks May to come clean about everything while Skye ensures their mission files won't fall into enemy hands.
    Episode 17  | 
  • The Clairvoyant is Revealed
    Coulson comes face-to-face with the enemy
    As Coulson and his team fight for their lives, not knowing who they can trust, The Clairvoyant finally steps out of the shadows and into the light.
    Episode 17  | 
  • Stopping The Clairvoyant
    Coulson and May fight Hydra
    The Clairvoyant has been revealed and Coulson, May, and Fitz fight for their lives. In the aftermath, the team begins to see how deep the damage to S.H.I.E.L.D. truly goes.
    Episode 17  | 
  • Coulson Tells Skye About The Drug
    How will she handle the truth about the miracle cure?
    Agent Coulson tells Skye everything he knows about the secret drug that saved both of their lives, including its alien origins.
    Episode 15  | 
  • "Coulson Knows"
    Who is she reporting to?
    While Agent Coulson tells Skye the secret about the drug that saved their lives, Agent May listens in and reports to someone.
    Episode 15  | 
  • Skye is Dying
    The team is losing one of their own
    The trauma caused by the gunshots has been too great and Skye is dying. It will take a miracle for Agent Coulson and his team to save her.
    Episode 14  | 
  • Coulson and Garrett Interrogate Quinn
    The Clairvoyant's plan for Skye unfolds
    With the help of Agent John Garrett's interrogation skills, Agent Coulson is able to get information from Ian Quinn about why The Clairvoyant ordered him to shoot Skye.
    Episode 14  | 
  • Escaping a Secret Base
    A thrilling, last-second escape!
    The clock is ticking and a secret mountain base is ready to explode while Skye's life hangs in the balance, but something Agent Coulson found down there has shaken him.
    Episode 14  | 
  • Skye Chooses Her Path
    Coulson tells May how resilient Skye really is.
    Now that Skye knows the truth, she has found a path for moving forward and realizes that S.H.I.E.L.D has been protecting her, even when she thought she was alone and unwanted.
    Episode 12  | 
  • Coulson Calls Quinn
    "The Clairvoyant told me to say 'hello.'"
    The team knows that Ian Quinn was behind what happened at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and Coulson calls to warn Quinn that they're onto him, but he has a warning for Coulson as well.
    Episode 12  | 
  • Interrogating Agent Coulson
    Centipede wants what Coulson knows.
    Agent Coulson has been kidnapped by Centipede and they've plugged him into a machine to uncover memories about how he was brought back from the brink of death.
    Episode 11  | 
  • Raina Tries to Win Coulson Over
    Will Coulson be persuaded?
    Raina takes over the interrogation of Agent Coulson, and her methods are much more persuasive. Can Coulson resist the urge to find out how he was brought back?
    Episode 11  | 
  • Skye and May Rescue Coulson
    Coulson remembers being brought back.
    Coulson remembers the traumatic experience of being brought back from the dead while Skye and Agent May rescue him from Raina and Centipede.
    Episode 11  | 
  • Coulson Talks to Skye About Her Future
    Skye's people skills are an asset
    Agent Coulson tells Skye that he thinks she could be one of the best S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents
    Episode 9  | 
  • Coulson Consults an Expert
    The tale of the Berserker Staff
    Fitz and Simmons ask Professor Elliot Randolph, an expert in Norse mythology, for help identifying the Asgardian relic that was stolen.
    Episode 8  | 
  • Professor Randolph is Asgardian
    Coulson and Ward question an alien.
    Agents Coulson and Ward interrogate Professor Elliot Randolph after deducting that he's actually an Asgardian who decided to stay on Earth.
    Episode 8  | 
  • Ward Fights Through the Pain
    Agent Ward's worst memory.
    The Berserker Staff awakens Ward's worst memory, but the pain and rage give him the power to defeat several raging cultists.
    Episode 8  | 
  • Agent May Uses the Staff
    Melinda May saves the team.
    May combines the pieces of the Berserker Staff and uses it, along with her martial arts skills, to protect the team.
    Episode 8  | 
  • Agent Blake Debriefs Coulson
    Agent Coulson defies orders
    When Agent Blake tells Coulson that his team could be taken if he defies orders again, Agent Coulson lets him know that would be a bad idea.
    Episode 6  | 
  • Skye Betrays the Team
    Who is Skye loyal to?
    When a hacker that the team is tracking turns out to be Skye's boyfriend, she helps him escape capture, only to get caught herself.
    Episode 5  | 
  • Ward Tells Skye the Truth
    Not all "hacktivists" are good guys
    Skye defends her "hacktivist" boyfriend, but Agent Ward tells her the truth. The man she loved has sold information to a dangerous organization.
    Episode 5  | 
  • Coulson and May Take On Scorch
    "Aw, crap. They gave him a name."
    A man with the superhuman ability to create fire is willing to kill Agents Coulson and May in order to show the world what he can do.
    Episode 5  | 
  • Skye's Secret Comes Out
    Coulson wants answers
    Skye finally comes clean with Coulson and tells him about how her search for her real parents has led her to S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Episode 5  | 
  • Working Out the Kinks
    Coulson tells the team to figure it out.
    Agent Ward and Fitz argue after the team's latest mission and Agent Coulson realizes that his hand-picked team still needs some work.
    Episode 2  | 
  • Gunfight in the Jungle
    Agent Ward goes hi-tech.
    When armed rebels attack, Agent Coulson and Agent Ward use training and technology to protect the rest of the team.
    Episode 2  | 
  • Taking Back the Bus
    Teamwork gets explosive.
    Coulson's team blows a hole in their own plane in order to get rid of armed militants on board, but at least they're working together.
    Episode 2  | 
  • Can Skye Be Trusted?
    Skye's contacted by The Rising Tide
    Agent Coulson's team bonds after completing their latest mission, but Skye seems to still be a member of The Rising Tide.
    Episode 2  | 
  • A Mysterious Hero Appears
    A man with superpowers saves a woman's life.
    When a building explodes, a man with superpowers saves a woman's life and disappears into the crowd.
    Episode 1  | 

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