Harry Davis

Played by Brett Tucker


Harry Davis met his wife Savi in Australia fifteen years ago, when she and Karen were on a surf excursion. The impulsive Aussie fell head over heels for the straightlaced lawyer beauty, and they’ve been together ever since. Savi supported him through moving to Los Angeles and opening his restaurant (which he named after her), but will the realities of making a life together live up to the dream they shared?  


Since graduating from Melbourne's National Theatre Drama School, Brett Tucker has been busy working in Australian and U.S. productions. While best known in Australia for his long standing role as Dave Brewer in the award-winning TV series "McLeod's Daughters," he is also recognized for his role as Daniel Fitzgerald in Neighbours. 
Following his notable feature debut in the Australian independent film Mall Boy, Tucker went on to appear in The Outsider, The Great Raid and I Love You Too. 
Tucker has starred in various pilots and had recurring roles on U.S. television, appearing in CSI, Off the Map, Spartacus and Castle. He is also involved in theatre, with stage roles that include The Woman in Black for New Theatricals and Off the Point for La Mama. 
Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Tucker continues to enjoy success in both Australia and the United States. When he isn't working, he is an avid surfer and guitar player.