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Based on the hit UK television series of the same name, Mistresses is a provocative and thrilling drama about the scandalous lives of a sexy and sassy group of four girlfriends, each on her own path to self-discovery. These four friends find support and guidance with each other as they brave their turbulent journeys and life's storms of excitement, secrecy and betrayal, all the while bound by the complex relationships they've created. 

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    S3 E301 Season Premiere: Gone Girl

    Having confessed their true feelings, Joss and Harry are making out on the beach when Karen calls with bad news and Joss races to be with Scott. Meanwhile, April invites Scotty and his mother to town and they arrive with Uncle Marc in tow. Karen makes a return visit to her doctor, Alec, and the results of her blood test are about to change her life in a very dramatic way. Fashion designer Calista Raines arrives on the scene determined to get what she wants.

    06/18/15Season 3TV-14
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    S3 E302 I'll Be Watching You

    New friendships are forged, relationships are set on a complicated course and mysterious plans are set in motion.

    06/18/15Season 3TV-14
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    S3 E303 Odd Couples

    Karen receives a house call from Alec after her medical procedure proves to be more painful than expected. Paul’s past transgressions continue to haunt April. When the insurance company demands that she pay back the insurance settlement, April turns to Savi’s old nemesis Toni for legal counsel. Meanwhile, Marc helps her through the crisis by revealing a secret of his own. Will this secret scare her away or bring the duo closer together? Joss helps Calista out of a business bind, and a little distraction is exactly what she needs as she struggles with her feelings for Harry.

    06/25/15Season 3TV-14
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    S3 E304 Into the Woods

    Joss pushes her new relationship with Harry faster than she should. A misunderstanding between Karen and Vivian leads to a deepening of their friendship and a surprising act of intimacy. Lucy’s sexy headmaster, Blair, teaches April a thing or two about parenting while on a school camping trip. Calista finds herself getting pulled back in by Luca, but just as she lets her guard down it’s clear that Luca has ulterior motives.

    07/02/15Season 3TV-14
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