Played by Andrew Santino


Bruce is Tom’s best friend from college. He has none of the qualities that make people successful in the dating world: He’s crass, rude, and broke. However, Bruce is also smart, funny, and brutally honest. And in the fakey-fakey B.S. world of dating, Bruce’s candor is his secret weapon. He stands out because he tells it like it is.

Bruce grew up in a loud blue-collar family in Long Island. His twin older brothers, Kyle and Doug, were big, attractive football types, and Bruce is the runt of the litter. As a teen, Bruce had his heart irreparably broken the day he caught the girl he loved in a three-way… with his brothers. From that point on Bruce vowed to never let himself have feelings for a girl ever again. He has largely succeeded.

When it comes to picking up girls, Bruce is used to fighting for table scraps. He’ll take a two-hour cab ride to South Jersey with a woman if he thinks there’s a chance to close, he’ll hook up with a drunk girl in a wheelchair, he’ll rip off his shirt and dance on the table if he thinks it’ll get him laid. Some would say Bruce is a pig. Bruce would agree.  


Andrew Santino is a Chicago native. Prior to working on ABC's Mixology, he guest starred on Family Tree on HBO, Children's Hospital on Adult Swim, Arrested Development on Netflix and The Office on NBC. Santino was named Comedy Central's Top 10 Comics to Watch and was most recently seen on Adam Devine's House Party, which aired on Comedy Central. Santino began his career by writing and starring on MTV's final season of PUNK'D.