Played by Craig Frank


Cal is a fun-loving optimist. He works as a personal trainer, is into stuff like meditation and astrology, and loves people. Even Bruce.

Born in a small town in Ohio to two doting parents, Cal is an only child -- and sometimes it shows. He believes in himself to a remarkable, possibly even delusional, manner. Cal falls in love very quickly. No, like, insanely quickly. Which is why, at 27, he’s already been married and divorced three times.

Cal has been friends with Tom and Bruce since college. They’re inseparable. He and Tom are both nice guys who enjoy watching Downton Abbey, and he and Bruce are students of the singles scene who enjoy hitting the bars together. The question for Cal isn’t whether he’s going to fall in love tonight, it’s how many times he’s going to fall in love…


Born in Miami, FL, Craig Frank graduated from Florida International University. Quickly after graduation, he thanked his parents for their love and support through college, slid his degree across the table to his parents sitting on the other side, and then moved to California to pursue a life of instability. Since then, he's been pretty blessed to have worked in the industry, working in commercial ads for Nike, McDonalds, Samsung, Lexus, and Coke -- just to name a few.