Played by Adan Canto


Dominic is hot. Women find him delicious, and men...well, men find him delicious, too. Of the two kinds of hot -- hot from birth vs. newly hot -- Dom is the former. He’s always been sexy (he was even a hot baby) so he doesn’t understand how normal single people live and operate. His advice on how to pick up women is basically “Walk into a room and count to three.”

Dominic is Mix’s head bartender. It was never his dream to be a bartender at age 34, but as a highly talented mixologist at a popular Manhattan nightspot, the money is simply too good. Dominic’s hidden interest is playing music. He even had a record deal once. Women used to swoon when he sang…but was that because he had his shirt off? And sometimes his pants too?

Dominic sleeps with most of the bar’s young, excitable waitresses. His detached confidence, effortless good looks, and general air of international mystery are catnip to most women -- but, after hundreds of one night stands, is Dominic finally looking for something more?


Just kidding.

But not really.


Adan Canto is an established actor in his native Mexico and has recently made his mark in the U.S. This past January, he made his stateside debut as series regular in the Kevin Williamson drama, The Following, alongside Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Additionally, Adan stars in Fox's upcoming X-MEN: Days of Future Past where he plays Sunspot, one of the new mutants.

His previous credits include the play Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother), an adaptation of Pedro Almodovar's Oscar-winning film. The play was first adapted for the London Theater and was later translated into Spanish and performed in Mexico. Canto also starred in the Mexican film Amar No Es Querer (To Love is Not to Want) and before coming to the states, Canto starred in the romantic comedy CASI 30 (Almost 30) as Sid, a young man who begins questioning his life path as he is about to turn 30.

Additional acting credits also include the 2009 Panamax thriller Sin Memoria (Without Memory) and Te Presento a Laura (And Presenting Lauren). On the television side, Adan scored a series regular role on Estado De Gracia (State of Grace) for Canal Once (Mexico's equivalent of the BBC Channel) and guest star roles on Los Minondo and Me Mueves (You Move Me), also for Canal Once. Canto made his film debut at the age of nine in Garcia Marquez's classic Like Water for Chocolate.

Canto's other passion is music. Growing up with an artistic mother, he became a professional singer at 16. Canto formed the Delcanto Jazz Band in 2011, which has an established fan base in Mexico. The band stays true to the classic sounds with a Frank Sinatra feel. Canto also wrote and composed original songs including Me Cuesta Vivir, which was featured in his project Te Presento a Laura.

Canto hails from the small town of Acuña, Mexico across the border from Del Rio, Texas. He currently divides his time between New York and Los Angeles.