Played by Kate Simses


Liv is meek, smart, and deeply indecisive. She’s currently engaged, but starting to have second thoughts. The worst place for her to be tonight is in this bar, full of attractive, aggressive single men.

Raised in Connecticut, Liv was the “good girl” to her brother’s “bad boy.” Because she never wanted to give her parents the grief her brother did, she always tried to be responsible. She was drawn to the safe job, the safe guy, the safe choice. She went to a good prep school, then to a good college, then to a good law school -- the ultimate repository of the chronically indecisive -- and then became a lawyer at a prestigious sports law firm, not because she’s even remotely interested in sports but because her father had a connection there.

Her fiancé, Jim, is just one more thing that’s a safe choice. He’s the guy she thinks she should marry: attractive, safe, kind, loving -- and boring. He just doesn’t light up Liv’s board. Tonight, Liv will have to decide: Is she going to marry her fiancé or, for once in her life, have the courage to make a mistake?


Kate Simses is an actress from New York City, where she began her career with guest spots on shows such as Comedy Central's Important Things with Demetri Martin, and NBC's 30 Rock, Law and Order: SVU, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Her most recent film work includes roles in What's Your Number with Ana Farris and the upcoming That Awkward Moment.

Kate has voiced characters on cartoons for Nickelodeon, CBS, and many incredibly angst-y books on tape for teens.

She also co-produced and starred in the original web series Sylvia Plath: Girl Detective.