Played by Ginger Gonzaga


Maya is a ballbuster. Formerly a jock and currently a sports attorney, she’s tough as nails and tired of the weepy, metro men who populate New York’s dating scene. To be fair, she doesn’t really like modern girls either.

Maya was raised in working-class Pittsburgh by overworked parents. Her father would clearly have rather had a son, so Maya obliged by “manning up.” She spent most of her time playing basketball with the boys in the park. She caught the eye of scouts and eventually she played her way right out of her crappy childhood and into a successful life as a lawyer at a premiere sports law firm in Manhattan.

Maya didn’t escape from her rough childhood unfazed. Maya often pushes away men, women, friends, family, co-workers, clients -- pretty much everyone except her low-key work friend Liv -- as soon as she meets them. And she honestly doesn’t care. Like, at all. Or she hasn’t, anyway, until recently, when she’s started to wonder if her meanness might be leading her down a path of loneliness and isolation.


As an improvisor and comedian, Ginger has performed in various L.A. comedy clubs as well as the US military bases in South Korea. Before landing a lead in ABC's Mixology, she guest starred in numerous television shows including CBS's The Millers, FOX's The Finder, and Family Guy, but is most recently known for her recurring role as Jim Jefferies's frustrated girlfriend on FX's critically acclaimed dark comedy Legit.

In features, Ginger was seen in the Seth Macfarlane hit summer comedy Ted for Universal, and will next be seen in the indie Someone Marry Barry opposite Ed Helms and Tyler Labine. She has leant her comedy writing skills to Comedy Central for a live touring show starring David Koechner, Abby Elliott and Owen Benjamin, as well as Hulu for their daily series, The Morning After, which she also hosted. Ginger also sings and has a dog named Gambit.