Played by Adam Campbell


Up until 6 hours ago, Ron’s life was going great. Then his internet start-up crashed, he lost 17 million dollars, everyone he knew abandoned him, and he started the evening by vomiting into his date’s purse. He is, as they say, playing hurt.

Ron is a charming cad, a hustler, and a self-made millionaire -- or he was until today. His parents were never around, so Ron had to learn at a very young age to fend for himself. He hustled his way through boarding school and college, then hustled himself to America where investors were more than willing to risk millions on some twenty-something entrepreneurs peddling apps. By age 30, Ron had it all. And then it was all gone.

Drunk and broke, Ron came to the bar tonight for a date with Jessica, hoping for a small bright spot in his utterly terrible day. What he finds will be more than he ever expected.


Adam most recently had a recurring role on the last season of FOX's Touch, playing the corrupt Tony Rigby opposite Lukas Hass and Kiefer Sutherland. His work has included other series regular roles such as CBS's cult-favorite Harper's Island, as well as recurring and guest starring appearances on a number of noteworthy television shows such as 2 Broke Girls, Best Friends Forever, Parenthood, and Up All Night.

On the big screen, his credits include The Five Year Engagement and he was the male lead in FOX's spoof films Epic Movie and Date Movie.

Adam was born in Bath, England, and trained in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). He now resides in Los Angeles.