Played by Blake Lee


Tom is a nice guy who just got horribly dumped, and tonight, after 8 years of monogamy, he’s trying to get back out there again. Needless to say, he is wildly unprepared to re-enter the treacherous singles world.

Tom is excellent marriage material. He’s responsible, decent, educated, good with kids, even better with your parents, a solid provider who changes his oil every 10,000 miles. Unfortunately, in the slick, fast-talking Manhattan bar scene, none of his qualities are in high demand. He’s not sexy. He’s not stylishly-dressed. He’s not rich or smooth or hip or verbally dexterous. Also, because of his break-up, he has zero confidence and he cries all the time. Basically, he’s a mess. Tom would probably crush it at a suburban church fundraiser, but this chic bar is literally the worst place in the world to showcase his strengths. He’s a fish out of water -- a crying, poorly-dressed CPA fish out of water.

Tom was dragged here tonight by his two best friends, Bruce and Cal, who have unilaterally decided that he needs to get over his ex-fiancée by sleeping with an endless parade of cheap women. Tom would rather be anywhere else than at this bar, but since he’s currently lacking a spine, he gives in to his relentless friends.


Originally from Miami, FL, Blake Lee got his start on the hit series Parks and Recreation where he recurred as a guest star as Derek, April's oddball "boyfriend." His work on the show gave him exposure and led to various other roles in both film and TV. In addition to acting, Blake is currently writing a comedic screenplay with his friend and former Parks and Recreation co-star, Aubrey Plaza.