Ep101 Tom & Maya

02/27/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Tom & Maya: Tom’s taking his first dip into the singles pool in eight years after breaking up with his fiancée, Laura. He approaches Maya, and despite his awkwardness, she lets him buy her a drink. After crying about his breakup to Maya, she snaps and tells him he needs to start being a man. Tom does just that -- and asks for her phone number, which, oddly, she gives him. Maya’s friend Liv is confused; Tom’s buddies Bruce and Cal are very impressed.

Jessica & Ron: Jessica’s at MIX to meet Ron, whom she met online. Before he can even introduce himself, Ron has thrown up in her purse. (Ron’s having a bad day: His internet start-up crashed this morning and he lost $17.3 million.) Ron leaves. Jessica is happy about this.

Kacey & Dominic: When we first meet waitress Kacey, she’s breaking up with Dominic, the bartender. He’s okay with it. Kacey’s upset because he’s not upset. But it’s hard to get upset when you don’t even remember the name of the woman who's dumping you -- the situation in which Dom has found himself. And then they have sex in the back room.

Liv & Ron: As Ron stands outside, licking his wounds, he bumps into Liv, who’s outside on the phone. Ron is much more composed now than he was with Jessica, and Liv is clearly taken with him. He invites her back inside for a drink, and before she replies, we see she's wearing an engagement ring.

Memorable Quotes:

Kacey: Plus, I’m looking for something a little more long-term, and you’re really old, so how would that even work? Would you wheel our kids around on your electric scooter?
Dom: I’m 34.
Kacey: Ugh, I know.

Bruce: Girls who wear flats are never trying to get laid. I’ve told you this a thousand times. The higher the heels, the looser she feels.

Laura: I woke up this morning and looked over at you, and everything about you repulsed me.
Tom: Repulsed? Like how?
Laura: Like physically. Like looking at your face made me want to barf.
Tom: Maybe it was something you ate, we had Korean barbecue last night.
Laura: No, it was you, it was your face.

Keyshawn Johnson: (to Maya) You are the biggest bitch that I’ve ever met. The biggest. And Keyshawn Johnson has seen some bitches.

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