Ep102 Liv & Ron

03/06/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Liv & Ron: When we last saw them, Ron had invited Liv inside for a drink. She’s clearly taken with him, but her pal Maya brings up a valid point: Liv is already engaged. Liv has never done anything crazy in her life, so it’s unlikely she’s gonna do anything about it. But Liv is feeling something she’s never felt before, so she decides to do something about it and goes off to have a drink with Ron.

Jessica & Fab (& Dominic): Jessica just wants to meet a normal guy who says, “You look nice tonight. I like your dress.” After her date with Ron fell apart, she was ready to leave…but bumped into an old friend, Fab, on her way out. Fab is now a fashion designer, and it’s clear these two are frenemies. Jessica’s ready to leave again to escape the tension, when Dominic leans in and tells her -- wait for it -- “You look nice tonight. I like your dress.” Jessica might just stick around yet. The catch? Fab is obviously into him too. These frenemies might just get, uh…frenemier.

Tom & Cal & Bruce: Tom wants to talk to Maya a bit more, and send her drinks and the like, but Bruce and Cal want him to keep expanding his options. They go searching for ladies after teaching Tom how to wingman. He’s pretty bad at it. But he might also have a few tricks up his sleeve that even Cal and Bruce don’t know about.

Bruce & Jessica: Bruce spots Jessica at the bar. He instinctively nails her situation -- single mom from New Jersey -- and walks over to introduce himself. He does so boldly and brazenly. But how will she respond?

Memorable Quotes:

Tom: How many phone numbers do I have to get?
Cal: Fifty.
Tom: Fifty?!?
Bruce: Yeah, fifty seems kinda high. I don’t think One Direction could pull fifty numbers in here.
Cal: Forty. Thirty?
Bruce: You’re just like, naming numbers that you like.

Maya: Look, you are always telling me how you wanna change, how you want to take more risks, how your life is so dull and pointless, and--
Liv: I’ve never said any of that.
Maya: Well…this is your chance.

Liv: Is that your natural hair color?
Ron: Amazingly it is. My stylist calls it baby cheetah.

Maya: What did he text you?
Liv: He asked me if I wanted a double latte tomorrow morning instead of a single latte because we’re gonna be out past 10, and I was like, “That is so thoughtful!”
Maya: Oh yeah, Jim is like, really good at coffee. You should probably marry him.

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