Ep103 Bruce & Jessica

03/13/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Bruce & Jessica: When we last saw them, Bruce had approached Jessica and introduced himself. He’s feeling pretty confident about it. But Jessica knows his game and knows all his rules -- and is not interested. She’s still wanting Dominic. Bruce is shaken but determined. Cal and Tom can only stand by and watch as Bruce keeps going back for more, and keeps getting rejected. Nothing works until he does something completely unexpected -- something nice.

Liv & Ron: They’re finally having that drink. It’s going well, but Liv reveals that she’s engaged, and that this is the craziest thing she’s ever done. Ron pushes her to be a little more crazy and let loose every once in a while. So she goes crazy by stealing a guy’s wallet…which makes her feel so alive that she kisses Ron.

Maya: While Liv is off with Ron, Maya gets approached by a big group of Hawaiian dudes who are convinced she’s Hawaiian (and not from Pittsburg, like she is). She’s shooting them down like crazy, insulting the heck out of the islands, but they keep at it, and pretty soon she’s having a heart-to-heart with the whole gang. That is, of course, until she insults Don Ho.

Cal & Kacey: Cal orders a drink at the end of the night from Kacey, and his odd order piques her interest. Turns out they’re both from the same area of Ohio. But it’s clear they have a lot more in common than a hometown.

A quick note on Tom & Maya: Perhaps emboldened by Bruce’s nice gesture, Tom tries to get the Hawaiians to leave the bar after hassling Maya. It ends poorly.

Memorable Quotes:

Liv: My fiancé is at home washing our cats, and I’m here, having a drink with a dashing internet millionaire.
Ron: Ooh, not a millionaire anymore. That was this morning.
Liv: I’m sorry, no I know, it’s…I’ve never met anyone who could lose so much money so fast. It’s exciting! I wish I could lose that much money that quickly!

Ron: You’ve got to go crazy every once in a while or you’ll instantly become a bitter, old British alcoholic man. Like Margaret Thatcher.

Fab: What about that guy?
Jessica: That guy? The old dude?
Fab: I’d just hate to see you get hurt going after someone good.

Tom: How’d it go?
Bruce: It’s like she saw into the very core of my soul.
Tom: Oh my god, that’s amazing.
Bruce: And she haaaaated it.

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