Ep104 Cal & Kacey

03/20/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Cal & Kacey: When we left these two, they’d just discovered they’re both from the same area of Ohio, and clearly had some chemistry. Cal’s hooked, but that’s Cal’s thing: Falling in love super fast. At 26 he’s been married three times. Bruce keeps reminding him that he’s more than likely wrong about her being the one, whereas Tom keeps telling Cal to follow his heart. They make plans to meet out back on Kacey’s break.

Liv & Ron: Liv ran off after kissing Ron, which Ron finds quite odd. Liv wants to do something sexy to make up for her weirdness, so she decides to give him her panties. Maya protests, and Liv relents, because she’s wearing her “day-to-day” panties, which she says aren’t sexy and go up to her neck. But she doesn’t relent all the way: She makes Maya donate her panties to the cause. Ron finds this odd as well, because once he gets the donation, he notices that she’s still wearing panties.

Cal & Kacey, Part II: It comes to light that Kacey just had sex with Dominic 20 minutes earlier (which we saw at the end of the first episode). Cal doesn’t care, but then he sees Kacey hug Dom, and fears that maybe he's wrong about Kacey -- even though Kacey was hugging Dom for giving her the break that she was going to use to meet Cal. Cal skips out and leaves Kacey out back, alone.

Jessica & Fab: These ladies find a crying girl in the bathroom. Fab says they can’t talk to her or they’ll never get away, but Jessica wants to be nice. They ask if everything is okay…and it turns out Fab was right.

Memorable Quotes:

Cal: I’m 26 years old and I’ve been married three times. Who does that?
Tom: Lots of people. Kelsey Grammer.

Kacey: But Brad, I love you.
Brad: I love you too. But I also love penis.

Crying Girl: So what do you think I should do?
Jessica: I think you should call your friends and talk it out with them.
Crying Girl: That is the best advice I have ever gotten.
Jessica: Really?
Fab: Yeah, have you ever gotten advice before?

Bruce: Dude, why can’t you just find a cute, boring girl that you sorta like and then get strung out into some long-term relationship that you can’t stand, just like every other dude on the entire planet? Why do you always have to do the love at first sight?

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