Ep105 Fab & Jessica & Dominic

03/27/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Fab & Jessica & Dominic: Fab and Jessica both think Dominic’s hot. He also seems to think the same of both of the ladies. The two of them do their best to one-up each other in a friendly competition -- until Fab spills a drink all over Jessica. Fab “wins,” but her victory means she has to hear the awful CD Dominic produced during those two weeks he tried to be a musician.

Liv & Ron: Liv is still getting friendly with Ron after the underwear switcheroo. Kacey delivers a drink, and Maya notes that the awkwardness makes it clear Kacey and Ron have slept together at some point in the past, but Ron doesn't remember her. Liv wonders why Ron can’t remember, but that’s because she’s slept with two people and Ron has slept with... more than that.

Bruce & Cal & Tom: The guys luck out and land a booth, upgrading from the cramped bar table they’ve been occupying. While he's alone, a hot girl asks Cal if she can bring her group of friends to the booth -- they’re all drunk models. Cal of course says yes... but he didn’t get the part about them being male models up front.

Memorable Quotes:

Ron: I was just wondering what you knew about that cute brunette, the one with the ponytail.
Dominic: She’s short.
Ron: Indeed she is. I suppose the truth is, I kinda like her, so if there’s anything you can tell me that might--
Dominic: Her friend’s short too.

Bruce: In less than two hours, this booth is going to be the site of a sexual hurricane. And I want to get soaked.

Maya: So, mate, does this happen to you a lot? Forgetting the names of the girls you’ve shagged?
Ron: No, I remember all of them.
Liv: All of them? Wait…are you gross?Jessica and Fab compete for Dominic; Tom wants to make a move on Maya.

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