Ep106 Tom & Maya Part II

04/03/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Tom & Maya: Tom gets more time with Maya, and Cal and Bruce are impressed that he’s not actually all that bad at flirting. But when Tom’s ex, Laura, shows up at the bar, they’re afraid he’ll get weird and blow it with Maya. Maya, however, rises to the occasion when she decides to show Tom “how to destroy a woman.” The wildcard here, of course, is whether Tom can go through with it.

Liv & Jessica & Fab: Liv watches Jessica and Fab flirt like pros with some guys, and she wishes she had those skills. They offer to show Liv the ropes, and after a rough start, she gets the hang of it. But why won’t that group of nice guys respond to her charms?

Kacey & Ron: After the awkwardness of their we-slept-together-oh-wait-no-we-didn’t meeting wears off, these two actually hit it off. When Kacey hits it off with the local firefighters as well, Ron springs into to action to discredit their work (he’s pretty sure there aren’t many fires these days). But when he and Kacey get locked out on the roof, he probably wishes he kept his mouth shut.

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