Ep108 Jessica & Ron

04/17/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, S

Jessica & Ron: Jessica approaches Ron -- who infamously threw up in her purse to kick the night off -- with the hopes of getting him to delete the nude photos she sent him while they were flirting online. (They were courting for a long time on the internet, and had a great rapport.) But despite the upchucking, they’re starting to hit it off, a fact that neither escapes nor pleases Liv, who’s developed a crush on Ron. Unfortunately, Jessica also told a bit of a lie on her dating profile (she’s not exactly a "noted fashion designer"), so now she has to find a way to reconcile that with a guy she actually likes.

Maya & The Handsome Guy: Maya locks eyes with a very good-looking stranger, and they get along quite well -- so well that he wants her to fly to Paris with him tonight in a private jet. That’s because he thinks she’s a prostitute. The question is, Is that a bad reason to fly with a handsome guy to Paris, all expenses paid? (The answer is Yes, by the way.)

Bruce & The Ginger Lover: Bruce can’t find any girls into him, so he makes a lap around the bar while Cal and Tom watch to see if any women are checking him out. Turns out he’s caught the eye of an attractive woman who happens to have a thing for redheads. But that includes soccer star Alexi Lalas, which complicates things for Bruce.

Dominic & Kacey: Kacey is still ready to meet up with Cal at 2am, but Dominic is still so charming with Kacey. She puts her foot down: Either he needs to leave her alone, or they are going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He says OK, let’s do it. Kacey’s as shocked as we are.

Memorable Quotes:

Ron: Can we agree that after Al Qaeda and the global recession that the worst thing to happen to this generation is earlobe expanders?
Jessica: No, no…worse than all those things is hashtag. #Ihatehashtag.

Cal: Maybe Bruce was right. Maybe girls aren’t into redheads.
Tom: I always thought girls didn’t like Bruce because of his personality. I never thought it was because of his coloring.
Cal: Well, don’t count out the personality thing.

Hot Girl: (rubbing Bruce’s hair) It’s like the perfect shade of orange. I feel like I’m at Home Depot.
Bruce: If you love the hair on my head, you’re gonna love the hair on my back.

Jessica: Hi.
Ron: Oh, lovely. It’s noted fashion designer Made-Up McNot-a-Name.

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