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Ep109 Dominic & Kacey

21:29 04/23/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Dominic & Kacey: Kacey was legitimately shocked when Dominic agreed they should take their relationship to the next level. But he doesn’t even really know what that means. He gets tips from Tom -- since he cried in the bar earlier, he must know about sensitive stuff -- but he’s so used to having superficial relationships that even implementing his advice proves comically awkward.

Jessica & Ron & Liv: Jessica and Ron are still hitting it off, and Liv is still not happy about it. Fab and Maya babysit her and try to sober her up. But she’s already decided to call Jim and tell him the engagement is off. Maybe not the best decision to make when you’re incredibly drunk, but thankfully she can’t find her phone anyway. But she does find Ron, jump on him, and kiss him. She stands up, and he kisses her back. And then, Jim walks in.

Bruce & Cal & Tom: They’ve got a new friend! A guy who really likes scuba diving. Everyone thinks that Phil is one of the other guys’ friend, but no, he’s just a guy who showed up and started talking about scuba diving. It’s weird.

Memorable Quotes:

Bruce: No offense, dude, but I hate your friend.
He’s not my friend, I thought he was your friend.
Really? You think he’s my friend? He cuffs his jeans.

Liv: Ron and I aren’t married. Who said anything about me marrying Ron?
No one.
Literally, no one.
My biggest concern about marrying Ron is that our kids will have weird British nicknames like Ringo and Dummy.

Tom: You’re the heart of the ocean, Phil!
Bruce: No you’re not, you’re a rock at the bottom!

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