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Ep110 Liv & Jim

20:38 04/30/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Liv & Jim: So Jim walked into the bar to find his fiancée Liv kissing Ron. Which, you know, not ideal – as evidenced by Jim immediately socking Ron in the face. When he storms off, Maya’s sure it’s a blessing, but Liv chases after him and gets him back. But maybe that’s not what she wants after all.

Cal & Tom & Bruce:
When Bruce finds out that Cal and Tom watch Downtown Abbey together without him (because he makes fun of everything too much), he decides to find new friends. And he does. Cal and Tom are fine with it, but soon it’s clear Bruce is the glue of the group. (It also becomes clear that Bruce is good at making lots of different people angry.)

Dominic & Jessica: Now that Jessica’s done with Ron, she’s also ready to leave. But Dom convinces her to stay so he can “rock her world.” She expected something more physical than what she ended up with though.

Memorable Quotes:

Ron: It is a complicated situation.
Jessica: Really though? Because you showed up drunk, you puked in my purse, and then you kissed another girl while I was talking to you. What’s complicated about any of that?
Ron: Well, yeah, when you list it like that, in sequential order, it makes me sound like a total wanker.

Bruce: My name is Bruce. I like big fake boobs, deep house beats and movies with explosions.

Look, Jim, we both know I don’t like you.
Jim: No, I didn’t know that.
Maya: I’ve told you you’re boring like a thousand times.
Jim: I thought you were kidding!
Maya: No.
Liv: I told you she wasn’t kidding.

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