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Ep111 Bruce & Maya

21:30 05/07/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

Bruce & Maya: Bruce is using Maya (with her consent) to help him make Jessica jealous. But as they play this game, their vibe seems like it’s getting a bit romantic between them. Would Bruce actually ruin his buddy Tom’s night? Well, probably. The question is, will he?

Liv & Ron:
Liv -- now no longer engaged -- wants to do something that she could never do when she was engaged. Like go to a strip club. Ron happily tags along to Girls, Girls, Girls, but finds himself a bit disappointed when the establishment's name turns out be a bit misleading.

Kacey & Fab & The Hot Gynecologist: Fab and Kacey have always had a crush on their gynecologist, and now he’s in the bar. It turns out he has a crush on Kacey, which makes her situation with Cal a bit murky. Meanwhile, Fab is worried that Dr. Gold likes Kacey and not her because something’s wrong with her vagina.

Memorable Quotes:

Bruce: Waitresses are not locked down ’til closing time, Cal. For the next hour, Kacey will be subjected to a steady barrage of penises vying for her attention. The sky will literally be raining penises on her.
Cal: You’re using literally wrong.
Bruce: I don’t think so.

Liv: I know that ending things with Jim was the right thing, but still, I loved him. It’s gonna take a really long time before my heart can ever oh my god, there’s Ron. How do I smell?

Dr. Gold: Hey, great checkup last time. Your ovaries -- off the charts!
Fab: Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls!
Dr. Gold: I don’t. Some of my patients are really sick.

Woman: Dolores, look -- Sexy Businessman!
(Women swarm Ron, shoving money in all his pockets)
Ron: Ladies, please! I am not a sexy businessman! I mean, I am, obviously. But I don’t work here!

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