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Ep112 Last Call

20:47 05/14/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

It’s last call! All of our singles know that means it’s crunch time. If they’ve got any chance of going home with someone tonight they have to get it done soon.

Tom gets some coaching lessons on “how to close” from Cal and Bruce and sets off to find Maya. Maya is busy with a very nervous Liv. Ron just asked Liv to come home with him, and she’s kinda freaking out about it. So when Tom shows up to ask Maya to come home with him, things get very awkward as Liv occupies herself with Tom -- and the two of them might be the perfect couple.

Cal and Kacey look like a lock, so that’s good. Bruce, however, seems to have struck out with Jessica, who’s going home with Dominic, so Bruce has to look for a fallback amongst the “dregs” of the bar.

Memorable Quotes:

Fab: (to Jessica, re: Bruce) Why are you being so nice to the ugly carrot?

Cal: If you just ask a girl to go home with you, 99 out of 100 will say no.
Bruce: And the one who says “Yes” just wants to burgle your home.

Liv: I’ve only had sex with two guys in my entire life and they have both been from Connecticut.
Tom: Oh my god and people from Connecticut are terrible at sex!
Liv: I know! It’s the least sexual state.

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