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Ep113 Closing Time: The Season Finale

21:33 05/21/14 Season 1 TV-14 D, L

As closing time begins, we’re waiting for Maya’s answer to Tom’s request that she accompany him home. She says yes! Victory, right? No. Not at all. As Cal and Bruce explain to Tom, a lot can go wrong before you actually get a woman home. Tom is frazzled all over again.

Cal’s all set with Kacey…until Kacey finds out that Cal’s already been married three times. Was her heart wrong again? She has to decide whether to keep their 2am date or bail.

Liv wants to take her budding relationship with Ron to the next level, and proposes a trip to India. It’s what she’s always wanted. But something about this is making her nervous -- is it just giddy nerves, or something bigger?

Dominic is still ready to take Jessica home. Bruce is okay with that because the girl who loves redheads is back and he’s taking her home. Then, surprisingly, he sends the “pumpkin pounder” home. He tells Jessica that sparring with her was the best part of his night, and if she wants some more great conversation, she can meet him at a local diner. The craziest part is that he seems genuine, and it doesn't seem like this is just a ploy to get her home.

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