Lily Tucker-Pritchett

Played by Aubrey Anderson–Emmons


Lily Tucker-Pritchett (note the hyphen) may have been born in Vietnam, but her home is with her two loving adoptive dads, Mitchell and Cameron. These two big monkeys fell in love with this little panda the moment they met her, as did the rest of the family.

Lily's first word was "mommy," which is, of course, every gay dad's worst nightmare. Nowadays, Lily is talking up a storm. She was saying things like "I hate the baby" in response to the plans her dads have to adopt a little boy. She finks on Cameron whenever he pulls her out of school to go shopping. Lily exclaims, "We bought matchy hats." She also swears up a storm as a flower girl at a wedding. Kids say the darndest things, don't they?


Aubrey Frances Anderson-Emmons was born in June 2007 in Santa Monica, California. Her mother, Amy Anderson, is a Korean-American adoptee, so the role of "Lily" has a natural history for Aubrey, though she also comes by her acting talent through genetics, as her mother is a stand-up comedian and actress. Her father, Kent Emmons, is a successful media entrepreneur.

Aubrey loves animals, especially horses and dogs, and her favorite recreation includes swimming at the beach and listening to her favorite musical artists. She has rather unique musical tastes for a preschooler, and loves the Jackson 5. Her eyes light up at the mention of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," to which she can perform the dance moves and lyrics.

Aubrey's only sibling is her half-sister, Ashley Emmons, 21, who lives in Missouri. Her parents are no longer together, but maintain a friendly regard and are devoted to their daughter.