15 Reasons Why We Love Gloria

  • By Jason Leung & Kristen McClurken

In celebration of Sofia Vergara's birthday, we've updated our list of "Reasons Why We Love Gloria" a few extra entries that justify our love for Modern Family's fiercest member. What are your favorite Gloria moments? Post your comments at the bottom of the page!

15. She doesn't get starstruck

When Gloria meets Billy Dee Williams, she's as smooth as he is! Not everyone can meet Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars movies and keep their cool.

14. She knows what she likes

...And that's Jay, whose gruff and curmudgeonly charms win her over every time.

13. She's the envy of all moms

Well, maybe not Claire.

12. She values family

It's not easy joining someone else's family, but Gloria will welcome you with open arms. Eventually.


11. She's a fierce competitor

She's not the best Pictionary partner, but she's game for anything.


10. She’s not afraid to get down and dirty

10 Reasons Why We Love Gloria From Modern Family

Gloria won’t hesitate to get on all fours if it means getting her way.

9. Her passion resonates with everyone around her

Especially in their eardrums.

8. She’s a mean, lean killing machine

10 Reasons Why We Love Gloria From Modern Family

Slightly disturbing, but we won’t complain if she wants to decapitate pesky rats.


7. It doesn’t bug us when she’s grammatically incorrect

While most grammar mistakes drive us crazy, it only makes Gloria more endearing.

6. She forces her children to party against their will

Whoever heard of a mom reprimanding their kids to enjoy the party?


5. She knows cooking is the way to a man’s heart

10 Reasons Why We Love Gloria From Modern Family

The food is good and the preparation is even better.


4. We don’t know what she’s saying half the time

And it’s still funny.

3. She can shake what her mama gave her

10 Reasons Why We Love Gloria From Modern Family

Thankfully, Gloria keeps her Colombian dancing traditions alive in California.

2. She doesn’t need a man to protect her

10 Reasons Why We Love Gloria From Modern Family

Only a loaded gun. 


1. The below image

No caption necessary.


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