Fifteen Reasons We Love Claire

  • By Jason Leung
Sure it's easy to dismiss Claire as the uptight parent who's always in the shadow of the fun one, Phil, but we love her just as much and there's no shortage of reasons why. Julie Bowen's already won two Primetime Emmys for her portrayal of Claire, so we're not the only fans of her. Here's our countdown of reasons we love Claire.

15. She Goes Overboard for the Right Reasons

Whether she's flipping a house, running for town council or proving a point, Claire goes all in. Of course sometimes, she goes all in, way too far and then straight over the edge, but you can never fault her for having good follow-through. Remember when Alex went goth and wanted to shave the back of her head like her friend in the episode "Snip"? Claire didn't just call their bluff, but she somehow ended up giving Alex's friend a buzzcut. Claire's point was that Alex didn't need to act out, but maybe her point wasn't as sharp as that electric shaver.

14. She's Good with Numbers

Math isn't a skill everyone has, but Claire knows how to use it to her advantage. In "Career Day," her claim of being "almost 40" is technically correct, and her "number dump" is the perfect foil to Cam's budget-busting extravagance during their house-flipping project in "The Wow Factor." Do the math: Claire = master manipulator.

13. She's a Great Athlete

Claire is a wiz on roller-skates and she was one half of the brother-sister ice skating duo, "Fire and Nice." When she played tennis competitively, Jay was so proud he had T-shirts printed up to support her.

12. She'll Do Anything to Bail You out of Jail

When Haley got busted in "Arrested," Claire wasn't about to let her daughter stay in jail. She and Phil got up at three in the morning, recruited Mitchell to be the lawyer and drove over to Haley's college to bail her out. Plus, Claire wasn't afraid to flash a little cash to get their daughter out of the pokey. If the cops are gonna give you one phone call, Claire's the one to dial up.

11. She's Irresistible to Both Sexes

No man or woman is safe from the charms of Claire. When Phil role-plays as the romantic Clive Bixby only Claire's seductress alter ego Juliana can trip him up. Cam's lesbian rival Pam (guest star Wendi McLendon-Covey from Bridesmaids and ABC's new fall series The Goldbergs) is no walk in the park, but Pam melts to butter when she meets the beguiling Claire in "The Wow Factor." Even the suave Julian (guest star Gilles Marini from Sex & the City and ABC Family's Switched at Birth) falls for Claire, who thinks he's gay in the episode "Go Bullfrogs!" Claire doesn't even have to try and she's attracting men and women left and right.

10. She Walked on the Wild Side

Claire might seem uptight now, but it's no secret she sowed her wild oats living it up in her younger days. Back in college, she even dated her professor. It was supposed to be a secret, but wearing an oversized tweed jacket and calling your friend's VW convertible "bourgeois" is a dead giveaway. Though Claire has left that all behind her, it's still fun to hear stories of her wilder days.

9. She's Not Afraid of Authority

Claire answers to no one. She will lecture you while parked in a loading zone and call the school security guard names while ripping up the ticket. Claire is the only authority.

8. She's Thoughtful and Romantic

She might not be the best gift giver (Phil's gifts will always beat out Claire's hug coupons), but she's sentimental and sweet. On her wedding anniversary in the episode "Great Expectations," she got Izzy LaFontaine from Spandau Ballet to perform "True." Sure, that wasn't actually Phil and Claire's song, but she meant well and it gave the show an excuse to cast Edward Norton as Izzy.

7. She Appreciates Childbirth

Claire's gone through it three times. She's got Gloria beat.

6. She's Not Snooty but Will Pretend to Be if Necessary

While some people might want to see an arthouse French film, Claire would rather see a mindless spectacle like Croctopus 3-D. Of course, Claire will pretend to see that artsy film if it means she'll look like an intellectual parent in the eyes of fellow moviegoers who happen to be the parents of Alex's rival classmate.

5. She's Persistent

Claire never gives up. If she wants a stop sign, she won't stop until she gets it. Some might call her stubborn, while others might call it a trait that could almost get her elected to town council. Almost.

4. She Likes to Be Scary

While other people's favorite holidays involve family get-togethers and gift giving, Claire's favorite holiday is based on her love of scaring people. Claire loves Halloween, and she revels in frightening the life out of people (she literally did that one year when she gave a neighbor a heart attack). In "Open House of Horrors," Phil claims Claire isn't scary, but he knows better.

3. She Can Hold Her Own Against Phil

It's not easy to upstage someone like Phil, but Claire is the perfect foil who can steal his thunder. She's just as good at coming up with punny catch phrases and she knows exactly how to put him in his place.

2. She Won't Back Down

Claire loves to be right. In "Games People Play," she predicted the Dunphy roadtrip in the RV would deteriorate into a family feud and when it did, she realized that it would've been better if she was wrong. But still, she was right. And Claire is a force of nature when she sticks by her guns and defends her opinion to the bitter end.

1. She's the Dependable One Everyone Relies On

Maybe she's stubborn, maybe she's self-righteous and maybe she never lets things go, but everyone in the family knows that Claire is the one you can go to for help. She can flip a house, help you with your presentation for Career Day, bail you out of jail and slow down traffic in your neighborhood. And when she's not around (like in the episode "Fulgencio"), the kids don't know who to go to with their problems. Everyone could use a Claire in their life.

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