Halloween: So Funny It's Scary

By Jim Donnelly | Jul 10th, 2014

It doesn't have to be Halloween for this Modern Family to scare up the laughs. Still, they always seem to make the most of trick-or-treat time. Enjoy this compilation of Halloween fun with some memorable moments that are so funny, it's scary!

The Haunting of Phil's House: The Dunphys are known for hosting a Halloween House of Horrors. Phil says, "Claire and I are going as Corpse Bride and Groom. As if there's any other kind. Am I right?" As for his loving wife, Claire is a big fan of Halloween. She once caused a neighbor to literally have a heart attack on her front porch thanks to a prank. Good times. Good times.

The Birds: One has to wonder if the classic Hitchock flick would have been as terrifying if those fine-feathered frighteners had gone up against Phil Dunphy instead of Tippi Hedren. You be the judge after watching this clip:


Phil's Robot Kills a Nest of Birds|Gutter done!|Phil shows off his gutter-cleaning robot that wipes out a nest of baby birds in front of Haley and Alex.

Arachnophobia: Mitchell believes folks at his new law firm dress up for "Halloween," so he becomes your friendly neighborhood Spider-man. But Mitchell's spidey senses start tingling when he realizes that only the firm's dorkiest lawyers dress up. He keeps his costume hidden under his now super-snug suit, but the squeaky noises that emanate with every awkward move constantly threaten to reveal his secret identity.

It Happens: Stephen King may have created a killer clown called Pennywise, but Cameron is the man behind the greasepaint worn by "Fizbo." Even though this clown is a gentle, asexual creature, he completely freaks out Phil Dunphy. It could be because Phil found a dead clown in the woods when he was a kid. But that's just a theory. Take a look at this movie trailer that proves Phil's fears may be horrifyingly justified.



Night of the Living Head Case: Cameron has always had difficulty with Halloween. When he was 10, a kid named Timmy framed him as a candy thief. It's been a traumatic day for him ever since. Cam says, "Everyone one was screaming -- that's him! Get Quasimodo! And then the townspeople started chasing me and that's when I wet my pants. I wet my pants! I wet my pants!"

Devil Dog: In describing Barkley, the kitschy canine mannequin (or muttequin) acquired in Vegas, Jay says, "He's a dog and a butler. I mean, who couldn't love him?" How about your wife? In "Not in My House," Gloria believes the Dog Butler may, in fact, be the devil. El Diablo. She may have to call in an exorcist or a dog catcher.

The Butterfly Effect: In "Travels with Scout," Manny believes demons are everywhere after seeing a scary movie. Jay tries to cure the little guy from his fears by introducing his stepson to the actor from the movie. Too bad the lad catches the thespian peering in through his window with his rubber machete. As hilarious as that scary moment was, it's nothing compared to the reaction Manny has in "Earthquake" when his mom informs him that heaven is filled with butterflies. AAAAAHH!!!

Paranormal Hyperactivity: Gloria believes that the dead are all around us. This freaks out a few of the kids in "The Kiss." Some thumping in the attic leads Manny and Luke to believe the ghost of Gloria's grandmother has returned from beyond. The boys are scared silly when grandma's picture suddenly spews forth from a new computer printer. Guess some people just don't photograph well.