Claire Dunphy's Mother's Day Menu

By Ellie Sher | Jul 10th, 2014
Claire Dunphy's Mother's Day Menu
Before the bickering starts and the daily stresses kick in, the Dunphy family would pamper Claire with a homemade Mother’s Day brunch. Here’s what would land a place on their celebratory spread, courtesy of ABC's The Chew.

Haley's Strawberry Basil Spritzer
As Haley learned from her college days, never toast with an empty glass. In honor of Claire, Haley would prepare a pitcher of celebratory cocktails, laden with a generous serving of Sauvignon Blanc. This foolproof cocktail comes together in minutes with fresh strawberries, basil, wine and soda water.

Main Course
Luke's Self-Flipping Pancakes
In an attempt to revolutionize breakfast food, Luke would treat Claire to his latest invention: Popcakes, err, Flipjacks. No matter how you say it, Luke’s got self-flipping pancakes on the brain. His secret? Adding popcorn kernels to the pancake batter. It might be a safer bet to just serve up some light and fluffy pancakes, drizzled with warm lemon curd and berries over top for a festive presentation.

Alex's French Crepe Rolls
Between chemistry equations and Academic Decathalons, Alex might find an escape in the kitchen. She would channel the stress of school work into mastering the art of French cooking, and surprise Claire with these impressive crepes filled with rum raisin and mascarpone cream. Perfectly dusted with confectioners’ sugar, these light-as-air wraps would be the all-stars of any competition, and certainly worthy of a two-day cushion. 

Alex's Backup Egg Frittata
In case the rest of the Dunphy gang didn’t pull their weight, Alex would take it upon herself to prepare a backup dish. To avoid an early morning scramble, Alex would turn to eggs. Think: a simple frittata, chock-full of fresh vegetables, prosciutto, and parmesan. Thanks to Alex’s cello practice, she’s a natural when it comes to whisking eggs.

Phil's Romantic Red Velvet Cake

From the kid she is married to, Phil would prepare a romantic dessert for the couple to enjoy afterhours. After seeking out Manny’s help, Phil would whip up a decadent red velvet cake, knocking Claire’s free hug coupons out of the park, and not to mention his kids’ dishes. Dunphy children better prepare for dunpheat.

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