Mitchell and the Amazing Spider-Man

By Jason Leung | Jul 10th, 2014

Just in time for the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, Modern Family's all-new episode "Message Received" (airing WEDNESDAY, MAY 7 9|8c) has its own tie-in with Marvel's webslinger. When the cost of their wedding begins to skyrocket, Cam and Mitch resort to selling their prized possessions to foot the bill. Mitchell decides to part with his 1963 #3 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, which introduced Doctor Octopus, but things go awry for Mitchell, as you can see in the preview clip below.

Don't get caught off guard, because it all leads up to the 2-Part Wedding Event: "The Wedding Part 1" on WEDNESDAY, MAY 14 9|8c and "The Wedding Part 2" SEASON FINALE episode on WEDNESDAY, MAY 21 9|8c.


Does Spider-Man meet defeat at the hands of Mitchell?
Find out, True Believers, in Episode 522, "Message Received."

Of course, Mitchell has already cosplayed as Spidey, back in the Modern Family Season 2 "Halloween" episode.

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Could Mitchell be as villainous as Doctor Octopus?
See him play the bad guy against super nice Phil:

Mitchell and Phil's Text Fight|Mitchell gets underhanded.|Mitchell and Phil double-cross one another over the phone and via text in the episode, "Diamond in the Rough."

 From Episode 410, "Diamond in the Rough"

If Mitchell had a crime-fighting alterego, could he keep his identity a secret?
Watch Mitchell dodge questions like a superhero.

Mitchell Tries to Keep a Secret|Cam digs for gossip.|When Cam asks for the latest gossip on their friend Brett, Mitchell tries to evade the question with some misdirection and distraction in Modern Family's Season 5 episode, "iSpy."

From Episode 514 "iSpy"