Wedding Shockers and Mishaps

By Jason Leung | Jul 10th, 2014

Get ready for the Modern Family Season Finale Wedding Event! The first part of the wedding had some disasters and surprises, so don't get off guard and catch up on those moments before "The Wedding, Part 2" on WEDNESDAY, MAY 21 9|8c.

The Drycleaning Debacle:

Just the Jokes: "The Wedding, Part 1"|Lily Gets Hung Up at the Dry Cleaners|Cam is in a hurry to retrieve his tuxedo because the wedding is just five hours away. The dry cleaners is closed, though, so Mitch and Cam send Lily through the shop's laundry chute to go after the suit. From Modern Family's Season 5 episode, "The Wedding, Part 1."

 The wedding is in five hours and Cam's tux is at the drycleaners, which happens to be closed. Well, not all of it is closed -- the shop's laundry chute is still open, and Lily is just the right size to fit through it.

Sal Is Pregnant:

Sal (Elizabeth Banks) Is Pregnant|Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Lane at the Wedding|At the wedding, Mitchell, Cameron and Lily meet up with party planner Pepper (Nathan Lane) and unplanned partier Sal (Elizabeth Banks), who reveals that she's pregnant. From Modern Family's Season 5 episode, "The Wedding, Part 1."

Leave it to Sal (guest star Elizabeth Banks) to upstage a wedding with big news of her own. The scene also features the episode's best exchange of insults between Sal and her little rival, Lily.


Last-Minute Shopping with Phil and Alex:

Phil Pretends to Be Blind|Phil and Alex Buy a Wedding Gift|When Mitchell and Cameron's wedding gets pushed up, Phil and Alex find themselves rushed to buy a wedding gift. The line at the store is way too long, so Phil pretends to be blind so he can get to the front of the queue. From Modern Family's Season 5 episode, "The Wedding, Part 1."

Fresh from an eye doctor's appointment, Phil has to buy a turquoise Italian glass bowl for Mitch and Cam's wedding gift. The line is too long and there's no time to wait, so Phil pretends to be blind while being "sensitive" enough to feel the difference between emerald and turqoise.

Don't miss the Modern Family Wedding Event and Season Finale on WEDNESDAY, MAY 21 9|8c. And just so you don't get caught off guard, here are some sneak peek pics to prepare you for the big day!