Modern Family Season Finale Recap: 7 Most Unforgettable Wedding Moments

By Jason Leung | Jul 10th, 2014

Modern Family's Mitchell and Cameron are finally married! It took five seasons, two wedding episodes, two relocations and infinite love and support, but the pair finally tied the knot. Getting hitched didn't go without a hitch by any means, yet Mitchell, Cameron and all their friends and family stood by them to help them overcome crisis after crisis. It's a testament to their strong relationship, and it definitely makes for a memorable start to what'll surely be a marriage to look forward to this fall in Modern Family Season 6!

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Here's a rundown of Mitch and Cam's 7 Most Unforgettable Wedding Moments:

7) A Wildfire Forces the Wedding to Relocate
The outdoor wedding is threatened by a wildfire, but Pepper Saltzman (guest star Nathan Lane) makes a valiant effort to keep the event on track. He tells the fire chief that he's a big supporter and owns all their calendars, but Pepper can only able to negotiate staying for a half hour before they're forced to evacuate to a quaint, rustic spot. The new venue's chief selling point? "It's not about to become a kiln!" Pepper declares.

6) Sal Goes into Labor While Officiating the Wedding
What started out as an intervention for gal pal Sal (guest star Elizabeth Banks) snowballed into Mitch and Cam agreeing to have her officiate their wedding. Things only get worse when she turns up at the wedding nine months pregnant and goes into labor while officiating. If there's one saving grace, it's that her water breaks just as she's kicking off the vows with a limerick ("There once was a homo named Tucker..."), which is always a questionable opener.



5) Claire Gets Soaked
Thanks to $35 and the internet, Phil is an ordained minister ("the good Reverend Philip Humphrey Dunphy") and takes over officiating duties for Sal. While he's rehearsing his wedding speech/magic routine with Claire in the bathroom, she trips into the tub and accidentally turns on the shower as she tumbles in.

4) The Dry Cleaning Debacle
When the wildfire forces the wedding to move up a few hours, Cam has to scramble to retrieve his tux ASAP from the dry cleaners, but the shop is closed. The store's laundry chute is open, though, so they send Lily through it to retrieve the suit.


3) Luke and Manny Get Married?
When Luke and Manny ask Phil about being a minister, he runs them through what he'd do for the wedding, and, in the process, he seemingly weds the two boys together. It all happens much to the glee of Alex, who soon thereafter witnesses Luke and Manny acting more and more like an old bickering couple.



2) Cam Notices the Signs of the Apocalypse
Crisis after crisis have Cam believing he's seeing signs that the universe doesn't want his marriage to Mitchell to happen. According to Cam, the following signs of the apocalypse have reared their ugly heads:

• The sky turned dark ("Because of the fire," Mitchell clarifies)
• Flood (i.e. pregnant Sal's water breaking)
• A swarm of Lucases (the angry family whose wedding venue they crash)
• Famine ("Just get another caterer here or these people will be eating butterfly bisque!" Pepper pleads in desperation)
• The Four Hoarse Men (Pepper, Steven, Stefan and Longinus have all lost their voices)

1) Mitch and Cam Walk down the Aisle
After all their trials and tribulations, true love endures and Mitch and Cam finally get married. Better yet, Jay makes sure that they have a proper venue and he proudly walks his son down the aisle. It's a beautiful finale and only hints at what could come in Season 6 of Modern Family this fall. Congrats, Mitch and Cam!

Sal (Elizabeth Banks) Is Pregnant|Elizabeth Banks and Nathan Lane at the Wedding|At the wedding, Mitchell, Cameron and Lily meet up with party planner Pepper (Nathan Lane) and unplanned partier Sal (Elizabeth Banks), who reveals that she's pregnant. From Modern Family's Season 5 episode, "The Wedding, Part 1."