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Season 2

Motive episode guide

Motive returns for an exciting second season with gripping new cases featuring more complicated killers and intricate crime scenes. Homicide detective Angie Flynn is as determined as ever, and her pursuit for justice never falters. Her partner, Detective Oscar Vega, continues to be her rock with his no-nonsense attitude and methodical approach. Detective Brian Lucas is no longer the rookie at the station, a role he’s happy to hand over to the very keen and ambitious Officer Wendy Sung. And confident and charismatic new Team Commander Sergeant Mark Cross shakes up the station when he joins the team. He and Angie share a mysterious and strained connection, one she would prefer to leave in the past.
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S2 Ep 7 Pitfall

Angie is forced to investigate a skydiving jump gone wrong and tries to regain Vega's trust.

07/09/14 Season 2 PG L,V

S2 Ep 6 Bad Blonde

Flynn feels guilty for leaving Vega out of the action as she and Sgt. Cross search for a bartender.

06/25/14 Season 2 TV-14 L, S, V

S2 Ep 3 Overboard

Angie and Oscar try to solve a mystery when a socialite drowns and are led to an unlikely killer.

06/04/14 Season 2 TV-14 L, V