6 Sweet and Shocking Dad Moments from Nashville

By ABC.com | Jun 13th, 2013
1. Deacon proudly watches Maddie perform.
The obvious biggie would be "Deacon learns he's Maddie's father," but we think this is a sweeter moment. We're still recovering from the realization that Deacon didn't get to know he had this beautiful, talented little girl for so many years. So we especially melt for moments like this one when it's clear that Deacon always loved Maddie anyway. The way he watches her, you can see they've always been family.

2. Big news for Teddy!

Who saw this one coming?! (Not us!) Teddy learns that he's expecting with ex-girlfriend Peggy with whom he has a particularly complicated past. In proper suit, it's great news in a very complicated way. On the positive side, babies are wonderful and it's also nice when your ex won't testify against you in court. On the flip side of things, it is rough being the Mayor in the middle of a divorce with a pregnant Financial Advisor appointed by you. Justy sayin'.

3. Lamar and Rayna have a heart to heart.

After Lamar's heart attack, Rayna flies to his side and stays put. Despite their strained relationship, she's always loved her dad. After a moving heart to heart, it's beyond clear that he's always loved her, too. He was just really scarred by her mother's actions and Rayna is just so darn much like her momma. That won't stop these two from making amends now. We have a beautiful father-daughter outlook on our hands.

4. Deacon saves Scarlett.

OK, we concede that Deacon is not actually Scarlett's father; he is her uncle. We do think he has at times been like a surrogate father to her, though. When the Rebel Kings' band leader tried to make a pass at her and Deacon took him down even though it cost him his position that was one of those moments.

5. Maddie dances with Teddy.

Maddie seems to have been going through a "teenager" thing toward the end of the season. Aside from being difficult toward her mother, she also avoided her father. And that's BEFORE she realized he wasn't actually her real father. So it is a fatherly win when Teddy takes her to her school dance and finally gets her to loosen up and enjoy herself with him. By the time they get home, they are laughing and all is right between them again.


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