Nashville Holiday Gift Guide

By | Dec 19th, 2012
Choosing the perfect present for everyone on your list can be a daunting task, so we put together a holiday gift guide based on your favorite Nashville characters.
The Super Woman: Rayna Jaymes
The Super Woman - Rayna James
Rayna Jaymes is not content with  just being a country music super star – she shines in every role in her life, from supportive country club wife for her husband Teddy's mayoral campaign, to working mom who bakes treats for her daughters' school events. But who's the one person Rayna doesn't always take care of? Herself.
So this Christmas, give the Super Woman in your life a little time to breath. Don't just get her a spa gift certificate – take away any worries that might keep her from enjoying the day. Offer to shuttle the kids to and from school, make sure dinner is covered, and take away her cell phone. TeddyLamar, ColemanDeacon, Tandy, Daphne, Maddie, Glenn, and Marshall can fend for themselves – at least for a day.
The Patriarch: Lamar Wyatt
The Patriarch - Lamar Wyatt

Some grandfathers happily spend their days gardening and golfing. And then there's  Lamar Wyatt. For Lamar, making and breaking the powerful people of Nashville is all in a day's work. 
His techniques may be morally dubious, but deep down, Lamar is motivated by protecting his family legacy. The pefect gift for him is not overly sentimental but still personal, like a custom family coat of arms or an elegant family tree. 
The Diva: Juliette Barnes 
The Diva - Juliette Barnes 
Juliette Barnes is young, beautiful, and Nashville's biggest rising star – but she still finds true happiness elusive. So what do you get the person who seems to think nothing is ever good enough?
Divas have a flair for the dramatic, so think BIG! Go over the top with dozens of different holiday cookies or a hundred handmade Christmas cards. And if all else fails, go for a personal joke – like a shiny bottle of nail polish! Too soon, Juliette?

The Rocker: Avery Barkley
The Rocker - Avery Barkley
With their edgy music and rough-and-tumble attitude, rockers like Avery Barkley might not seem sentimental. But rockers are definitely emotional folks – where do you think all that angst comes from? 
So what can you give The Rocker in your life that's thoughtful but not an affornt to his rock-n-roll coolness? Something that recognizes his creative journey but is still hip, like a flask engraved with lyrics from his best song. 
The Poet: Scarlett O'Connor
The Poet - Scarlett O 
A creative, soulful spirit like Scarlett O'Connor is the easiest person to gift. Even Avery (who's not exactly the world's best boyfriend) gave Scarlett a perfect gift: the bottle of champagne they'd been saving for when he got his big break.
All The Poet wants is a gift with meaning behind it, so get inspired by moments you've shared or her favorite things. Whatever you do, don't give her a gift card. It just might break her heart.


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