Juliette's 7 Most Dramatic Meltdowns

By ABC.com | Jul 1st, 2013
1. In her CMA dressing room.

Juliette has been looking forward to this night more than anything. She just spent an obscene amount of money on gifts to the CMA voters because she's been obsessed with winning Female Vocalist of the Year. Her dressing room is void of excitement, though. Everyone is uneasy because her mother just passed away after a long, difficult battle with drug abuse and Juliette isn't reacting even though she was left with many unresolved emotional issues. It all comes to a head here.

2. At her tour crew's hotel in the middle of the night.

It's time to wake up and listen! When Juliette learns that Glenn instructed her crew to stick to her standard popular songs instead of playing the set in her new direction, she becomes enraged. This star doesn't wait til morning to remind everyone who's boss, she storms to the hotel everyone is staying at and wakes them all up. For Glenn, this is the last straw. He quits.

3. After she accuses Jolene of stealing from her.

It's such a tragic relationship. When Jolene tries to act motherly, Juliette angrily snaps that she doesn't buy it for one second. She accuses Jolene of just using her and, given how Jolene let Juliette down all throughout her childhood, we don't blame her. Juliette dumps Jolene's backpack out on the floor to prove that she was stealing from her. What she finds instead is a stowed picture of Jolene holding her baby girl in the hospital after delivery. Juliette is heartbroken. So are we.

4. When she catches Jolene kissing Dante.

This is awkward and Juliette is disgusted. Both mother and daughter have feelings for the same man. This wasn't known until Juliette walks in on Jolene kissing Dante. Since Juliette is in the power position and also already sleeping with him, she lays down the law. This ruling includes sending Jolene away.

5. During her GMA interview.

Juliette made a huge mistake and has been trying to clean up her image. She ends up digging a deeper hole during her GMA interview. Just when it seems things can't get worse, Robin Roberts asks about her mother. In an instant Juliette's mics are off and she's heading out of the room.

6. When Jolene first comes to her gate for help.

Juliette tries to turn her back on her mama. It's because when Juliette was a little girl she ended up having to take care of herself because Jolene had so many issues. Now Jolene keeps turning up asking for help and Juliette is all out of second chances. Or she wishes she was.

7. At Marshall's CMA nominee party.

Dante betrayed Juliette. Big time. So at Marshall's CMA nominee party with her relationship with her mama in bad shape again and her most recent lover off proposing to another woman (with a $17k ring bought with her money no less), Juliette could use a drink. She double fists champagne all night and performs the appropriately titled song " Used" on stage while completely drunk. Then she tries to sleep with a roadie she barely knows. Luckily in all this the roadie Avery is actually a stand up guy and gets her home in one piece.


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