9 Most Highly Anticipated Moments

By ABC.com | Jun 18th, 2013
1. Gunnar kisses Scarlett.
We all knew it was only a matter of time before Gunnar wouldn't be able to hold himself back. The more Scarlett came into her own, the more Gunnar fell for her. In " Where He Leads Me," she was finally available and he couldn't stand to watch any other guy go after her. Yes, Gunnar, we agree this is the time to kiss someone!

2. Deacon and Rayna get back together.

This was another "get together" that required someone else to vacate before a move could honorably be made. Once Rayna and Teddy's divorce had some space to breathe, Deacon also had trouble watching another man (Liam!) making moves. He confessed to Rayna. These two have enough baggage to fill a small airport, so at first she couldn't get behind the idea. Finally at the end of " Take These Chains from My Heart," it hits Rayna like a speeding freight train that, despite the complications, she loves Deacon and wants to be with him.

3. Juliette realizes she didn't mean it.

Juliette has done some awful things in order to get what she wants, prove herself, and reach for the brand image of her dreams. It's after her mother passes away that she becomes ashamed of her actions. In front of many she's held a very strong face up against, she breaks down in an utterly shocked, bewildered, and desperate moment with her eyes wide open. She's said some nasty things she maybe didn't mean, but this was the worst. She had to take it back. She apologized.

4. Deacon reacts to learning he's Maddie's father.

We suspected that Maddie wasn't Teddy's ever since Lamar mentioned a "paternity issue" in the first episode. Over time, it did become clear that Maddie was Deacon's. In the Season 1 Finale when he does find out, it's intense. Deacon reverts back to his old bad habits and there are serious repercussions.

5. Teddy is elected Mayor.

Maybe it was curiosity that caused us to want to see Teddy in the Mayor's seat? Coleman is admittedly a great guy, but part of us wanted to see Teddy win. Well, in " I'm Sorry for You My Friend" he did win. But each episode thereafter we kind of regretted it. With his new power he practically became Lamar, just minus the "valuing family above all else" part. (Not that Lamar was a particularly great role model for that.)

6. Avery learns his lesson and makes peace.

It was hard to like Avery for quite a while because he kept saying yes to the tempting morally ambiguous (or just plain wrong) options in his life. He hurt some loyal friends along the way, including Scarlett whom he supposedly loved. Once he stingingly realized the err in his ways, he was quick to relent. He didn't beg for his friends back or for any forgiveness, very maturely he understood that he did things that only hard-earned time could undo. He immediately started working for it and oh man did he get some knocks of humility. We even felt bad for him a few times, though all of us, including him, knew that it was necessary if he wanted to be redeemed. He's well on his way.

7. Scarlett and Gunnar get a deal.

It would be a crime for talent this good to not get a deal! We knew it was only a matter of time... and in " We Live in Two Different Worlds," it happened.

8. Gunnar and Avery fight over Scarlett.

With Gunnar's feelings blossoming for Scarlett and Avery's irresponsible actions hurting her, we were looking forward to the moment everyone would have "words." When it came to that, it came to " fists," too. It was cool to watch Gunnar stand up for Scarlett... and to see her tend to his wounds after.

9. Dante becomes a problem of the past.

From the first time we discovered Dante was playing Juliette, we wanted him gone. Sure, Juliette may have earned some bad karma. The circumstances around Dante being in her life were complicated, though. We didn't want this karma. Maybe that's because we so badly wanted her to have a good relationship with her Momma. It was bittersweet how we got what we wished for and what we didn't all at the same time.


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