Nashville Thanksgiving Recipes

By The Chew Nov 20, 2012

Ever wonder how they celebrate Thanksgiving in the heart of Dixie? ABC's The Chew  put together a southern-style meal that would be right at home on any Nashville table, from patriarch Lamar Wyatt's graceful mansion to rocker Avery Barkley's East Nashville hipster digs.

 From Teddy Conrad's political misdeeds to Juliette Barnes's painful past, Nashville is town full of secrets. 
A hot batch of deep-fried Hush Puppies should keep the table least for a while.
The Chew

Like soulful poet Scarlett O'Connor and charming crooner Gunnar Scott
this Sweet Potato Souffle with marshmallows is a magical pairing. 
 Sweet Potato Souffle
 Country legend Rayna James and pecan pie represent the best of the South.
But just Rayna, this Chocolate Pecan Pie offers a few unexpected surprises.  
Chocolate Pecan Pie
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