7 Reasons We Love Maddie and Daphne

By ABC.com | Jul 27th, 2013

7.      They are brave.

Maddie and Daphne will get right up on stage and perform at a moment’s notice.


6.      They openly trust and love others.

maddie and daphe nashville

The girls embrace their Momma’s friends like family.

5.      They dream big.

The girls aren't afraid of their Momma's shadow.


4.      They look up to their Momma.

The girls are awed to see their Momma on a huge billboard
in Times Square in New York City. 


3.      They have fun with their family.

The girls are pros at a perfect celebration--
great company, jokes, singin’, and dessert!


2.      They are mature beyond their years.

Maddie comes to forgive both Teddy and Rayna after dealing with
news of their divorce and that Teddy isn't her real dad.


1.      They are incredibly talented.

maddie and daphe nashville

Maddie and Daphne sing with soul and can even play the guitar and perform.


The actresses who play Daphne and Maddie are Lennon and Maisy Stella who have been signed on as regulars for Season 2 which starts WEDNESDAY SEP 25 10|9c!

You can follow all the latest with Lennon and Maisy Stella at their Official Site