Nashville Cast and Creators Share Show Details

By | Jul 27th, 2012

The cast and creators of Nashville were in Beverly Hills talking about their exciting new show. Here’s the scoop from some of the major players:

Connie Britton

Connie says her co-star, Hayden Panettiere, is a legitimately great singer. As for her, this show is a true journey.

Connie believes there’s something about Southern women that’s so unique yet so universal. That’s why people respond to strong, Southern women.

Connie was born in Boston, but grew up in Virginia. As a kid, her mom would drive four hours to get her haircut in Washington, DC.

What attracted Connie to American Horror Story and Nashville is that they were both very innovative, but it’s a big stretch from one to the other.

Connie ran into Reba on the plane and she said did you hear you’re playing my character on the show? Connie did NOT hear that.

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden recorded an album as a teen but quit doing more because it wasn’t her. She said that if she did do the music thing again, it would be Country.

Hayden has heard the “Taylor Swift thing” when it comes to comparisons to her role, but her Juliette Barnes character is very different. Taylor is much nicer.

Hayden’s parents always instilled respect in her, so it’s hard to go against the grain as her character does on the show. She also feels that Country music is so broad that others will like it even if they “think” they don’t like it.

Hayden says that if you have a broken heart and you need a rebound… her Juliette character is always there prowling around the corner.

Callie Khouri (Executive Producer)

Callie Khouri thinks there’s a great love for music in shows. They’ll be having a lot of original music and not just in the Country world. There’ll be pop and crossover tunes, too.

Callie says that with a feature film, you do it and it’s over. That’s so true with her Thelma & Louise, right? Anyway, she gets to sit down with such talented writers and she loves it. It’s inspiring to take each character on such a long journey and see them change.

Regarding the political part of the show, it’s a powerful part of it. It’s so powerful that they had to find a guy named “Powers” to play the part. It gets nastier and nastier as the show goes on.

The show’s music producer is also Callie’s husband.

Callie is amazed at how a person could be in a restaurant clearing tables one night and the next night they’d be on stage breaking your heart.

R.J. Cutler (Executive Producer)

R.J. says it’s a wonderful thing when you have someone who knows Nashville as well as Callie Khouri and can nail the voice.

R.J. says the fabric of Nashville is very much the fabric of their show. So don’t look for many cameos from real country artists. At least, not at the start.

There will be a few songs, at least, in each episode as it’s the air that these characters breathe.

In the case of Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio, the second these two sang the song they do in the pilot, they knew they had something special.

They replicated the famed Bluebird Café of Nashville to a tee for the show. They film in the city because it’s the pollen in the air that gives the light that look.

Powers Boothe

Powers said he sang “Waltz Across Texas” when he got to Nashville, but you’ll never hear him sing on the show. He actually cried when he heard a local singer do a Conway Twitty song.

Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan thinks there’s going to be a lot of surprises as actors and he’s really excited to be a part of that.

Sam Palladio

Sam believes that, coming from England, there’s nothing that compares to the magic in the air of Nashville. Sam has a band back home and grew up with James Taylor flavors of music.

Clare Bowen

Clare says Nashville is full of happiness and the fried chicken is good, too. She grew up loving bluegrass, so she’s in her element.

Charles Esten

Charles says that when you’re sitting in the Bluebird Café, if they can touch the music they feel there, it’ll be great.

Robert Wisdom

Robert says that Nashville is a great example of an emerging American city, so it’s a perfect backdrop for a great story. It’s what America wants to be.

Eric Close

Finally, Eric Close says the music you hear at even a small club in Nashville blows you away as far as the level of talent.

We can’t wait to be blown away by the music, the drama and the innovative storytelling that’s headed our way via Nashville!



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