Get to Know Avery

By | Dec 20th, 2012
Avery BarkleyMeet Avery Barkley (played by  Jonathan Jackson)

Avery’s a dead sexy East Nashville hipster with tons of talent—and the swagger to match.

He’s been in Music City two years and feels like stardom is long overdue. Avery’s passionate and headstrong, and he writes alt-country songs that the critics will love—if they ever get a chance to hear them.

For now, music means grinding out local gigs and hustling his demos. It’s tough, humbling work, but thankfully he’s got Scarlett at his side. She's a supportive partner, and helps soothe his frustrations with a music business that doesn't yet know it needs him.  See Avery's Photo Gallery » 
Avery Barkley
Avery's Essential Moments

"I always choose you" Scarlett lays down the law with Avery

"Did you sleep with that woman?"
 Scarlett confronts Avery about Marilyn
"Is that all that's going on?" Avery hears about Gunnar and Scarlett
  Avery Barkley - The Rocker

Avery's Music
"Peace in the Valley" - Avery impresses a big-time music producer
"Kiss" - Avery's performance catches the eye of a music manager

Avery's  Musical  Influences  

Old 97s, Ryan Adams, Elliot Smith