Get to Know Juliette

By | Dec 19th, 2012
Juliette Barnes

Meet Juliette Barnes (played by Golden Globe nominee Hayden Panettiere)
Nothing’s come easy to Juliette. With an absentee father and a troubled mother, Juliette basically raised herself. She’s damaged, but driven, and just three years after she left Alabama for Nashville, she’s become the #1 crossover artist in the country, with two sold-out tours and twenty million downloads under her belt.

But Juliette wants more: She’s looking for respect, bigger success and someone to fill that void in her heart. If her past success is any indication, she’ll get all three... just don’t get in her way.
Juliette Barnes
Juliette's Essential Moments
"My momma was one of your biggest fans." Juliette neets Rayna Jaymes
"There was a time when I needed you, too." Juliette turns her back on her mother
"Did she just take that?" A camera catches Juliette stealing.
"This interview's over." Juliette digs a deeper hole on GMA
"You have not earned that place at all. " Rayna puts Juliette in her place
"Don't hold your breath, sweetie."  Sean's mother warns Juliette
Juliette Barnes 
Juliette's Music
"For Your Glory" - Juliette sings at Sean's church 
"Wrong Song" - Juliette sings her first duet with Rayna Jaymes
"Undermine" - Juliette records the song she wrote with Deacon
"Telescope" - Music Video 
" Love Like Mine" - Juliette performs at the Grand Ole Opry

Juliette's Musical Influences
Miranda Lambert, Wanda Jackson, Rayna Jaymes (not that she’ll admit it)