Get to Know Scarlett

By Dec 20, 2012
Songs, videos, photos, and everything you need to know Nashville's resident ingenue, Scarlett O'Connor.
Scarlett O'Connor
Meet Scarlett O'Connor (played by Clare Bowen)
Scarlett grew up on a farm near Natchez. Miss., never dreaming she’d become a performer like her uncle Deacon. She instead gravitated toward poetry, and her love of writing earned her a scholarship to college, where she met her boyfriend, Avery. She then followed Avery to Nashville so he could chase his musical dreams, which Scarlett fully supports—in fact, she’s Avery’s #1 fan.

Scarlett’s loyal and sensitive, but she’s also stronger than she looks. It's a strength she'll need, as she wrestles with her newly discovered musical gifts—a talent she didn’t know she had and isn’t sure she wants. See Scarlett's Photo Gallery »

Gunnar and Scarlett
Scarlett's Essential Moments

"If I Didn't Know Better" - Scarlett sings with Gunnar for the first time
"I always choose you" - Scarlett lays down the law with Avery

"Did you sleep with that woman?"
 - Scarlett confronts Avery about Marilyn
"I've wanted to do that since the day you walked in." - Gunnar finally kisses Scarlett

Gunnar and Scarlett PlayScarlett's Music
"Fade Into You" - Acoustic Performance
"I Will Fall" - Acoustic Performance
Musical Influences: 
Eudora Welty, James Dickey, Judy Collins