Played by Sophie Lowe


Once a preconscious little girl who loved to play pretend, Alice disappeared after her mother died. When she returned home to Victorian England and her father, Edwin, she told tales of visiting a magical place called Wonderland. Edwin refused to believe Alice, so she returned to Wonderland with the idea of bringing The White Rabbit back as proof of her adventures. Instead she met Cyrus, a handsome, young genie, and the two of them fell in love. But as Cyrus proposed to marry her, The Red Queen and her soldiers arrived. The Queen sent Cyrus plummeting into The Boiling Sea, seemingly killing him. Heartbroken, Alice returned home to Victorian England only to be placed into an asylum, desperate to forget Wonderland and the pain of losing her true love.


Sophie Lowe is a promising young actress who will soon be making her mark in Hollywood. Born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Lowe and her family later moved to Australia. In her early teens she attended a school for the Performing Arts, where she was able to tap into her creativity through singing and dancing. During her time there, she caught the acting bug and soon began to focus her efforts on becoming an actress full time.

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera, Lowe honed her craft during her first roles in film, including Road KillAutumn Blood and The Clinic. She landed her first lead role as Kate in Beautiful Kate, for which she was nominated for an AFI Award (2009) for Best Lead Actress. Most recently she starred in Adore, opposite Robin Wright and Naomi Watts.

Lowe received critical acclaim for her role in Blame, which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the Melbourne International Film Festival, the 35th Toronto International Film Festival and the 47th Chicago International Film Festival.

With several film credits to her name, Lowe is constantly challenging herself in roles and continually pursuing her passion to entertain audiences.