Played by Peter Gadiot


The life of a genie can often be a difficult one, always being hunted for your three wishes, but Cyrus was happy to be found by Alice during one of her adventures in Wonderland. The two of them quickly fell in love and, after some time together, he even proposed to her. But everything changed when The Red Queen cast him into The Boiling Sea. Alice couldn't know that instead of being killed, Cyrus was captured by the villainous Jafar, a sorcerer on a mission to retrieve Cyrus' wishes in order to cast a dangerous spell.


Peter Gadiot makes his American network debut as Cyrus, the handsome and mysterious Genie, in ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Last year Gadiot starred opposite Lea Seydoux in a short series of films directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, Prada: Candy. This coming year he will portray a major new character in the British series Fresh Meat, a Channel 4 dramedy with a large cult following that's now entering its third season.

Gadiot's past credits include the 2013 film The Forbidden Girl, MTV's Hot Mess and the British series My Spy Family.

Gadiot trained classically at Drama Centre London and has appeared in numerous stage productions. A versatile talent, he recently went behind the camera to write and direct the short film 12-17, which is now in post production.

Gadiot also actively campaigns against slavery and human trafficking, and once rowed across the Atlantic to support the cause. Raised primarily in the UK, he is of Dutch and Mexican descent.