The Red Queen

Played by Emma Rigby


A sorceress in her own right, The Red Queen seems to covet one thing above all—power. She adorns herself in jewels and surrounds herself with lackeys and guards, but she still does not have enough. She takes what she wants, and what she wants next has necessitated forming an alliance with the treacherous Jafar. She can lie and manipulate others easily, but even she may not be powerful enough to keep him in check.


Emma Rigby is a talented young actress who has garnered attention in television and film for bringing a resonating and captivating presence to complex characters.

Rigby recently wrapped on Shana Feste's Endless Love, a Romeo and Juliet-themed story that centers on the forbidden love between two teenagers from opposite backgrounds. A remake of the 1981 romantic drama based on the novel by Scott Spenser, Rigby co-stars alongside Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde.

This fall, Rigby has a cameo role in Ridley Scott's upcoming thriller The Counselor. The film features Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Javier Bardem. Prior to this she shot Plastic, an independent film is based on the true story, directed and co-written by Julian Gilbey and featuring Ed Speelers, Will Poulter, Sebastian De Souza and Alfie Allen. In addition, Rigby stars in Philipp Stölzl's The Physician, a German drama set in the 11th century about a gifted English boy who leaves England to practice his craft under a Persian physician. It features Stellan Skarsgard, Ben Kingsley and Tom Payne, and is adapted from Noah Gordon's bestselling book of the same name. 

Television credits include an acclaimed performance in Ripper Street, a leading role in the highly successful Prisoners Wives for the BBC, and Hollyoaks as Hannah Ashworth, a nuanced portrayal which earned her critical praise and paved her way to the big screen.